For every mom out there, it is undeniable that we always have our hands full. Such as doing the house chores, taking care of the kids, preparing the food, and just running around the house doing almost everything. But even though we got our hands full, we still make time to do extra things. The perfect example of this is redecorating rooms, especially the bathroom. 

Redecorating your bathroom is fun and exhausting, yet it is self-fulfilling all at the same time. So if you are in for the task, here are some creative ways and ideas you can apply when you revamp the look of your bathroom. 

Creative tip 1: Make use of creative wallpapers

Installing creative wallpapers can make your bathroom shine. Plain and boring walls are already a thing in the past. Now you can add patterns and creative layouts in your wall. Many interior design experts utilize installing wallpapers because it is cost-efficient and easy to install procedure. 

If you want to change the theme in your bathroom, you can easily buy new themed wallpapers and have them installed right away. It is important to note that you need to make sure to buy moisture-resistant wallpapers if you plan to pan out the coverage. You can shop for budget-friendly wallpapers and get to choose different designs. 

Creative tip 2: Upgrade your storage 

Storage and bins are some of the essentials that make your bathroom functional. But these organizational items are not standardized for its function only since they can be creative on their own. 

When revamping your bathroom, upgrading your storage can be a great way to make the space more functional and organized. One great way to do this is to add bathroom sink cabinets. These cabinets can provide extra storage space and allow you to keep all your bathroom items neatly organized. Additionally, they can also give your bathroom a more modern and stylish look. With the right design and materials, bathroom sink cabinets can be a great way to add style and function to your bathroom.

You can add assembled bathroom cabinets where you can easily affix in your walls and can be used as a multi-purpose shelf. Other designs can be standalone and can hold other items for display. By upgrading your cabinets, you add more elements in your bathroom and, at the same time, reduces the clutter. 

Try to look for a bathroom cabinet that was simpler in styles like sliding doors or hollow-cut cabinets.  You can shop around and look around for designs that complements your bathroom concept. 

Creative tip 3: Spice up your floor

If your budget allows, you can splurge and change your flooring to a more sophisticated design. Flooring materials like ceramic and stone tiles are indeed expensive. However, it gives your bathroom a classy feel and shows a total upgrade. 

But if you are on a tight budget yet still want to achieve a classy and elegant result, you can always opt for an affordable waterproof vinyl or treated laminated. 

The new technology today allows many potential designs to be achievable that seemed impossible in the past. Now, you can save your money from buying expensive tiles and spending money on caulking. 

Creative tip 4: Jump into a color splash 

Adding a combination of one or two colors gives out a dynamic feel in your bathroom. But if you start adding complementing colors, it brings out a new fresh element that can make your bathroom a new place. 

Painting some stuff like your cabinets, towel racks, changing the water tap colors, and other minimal items with shades can bring out a unique bathroom experience for you and your family. 

Fun tip: If you are redecorating your kids’ bathroom, try adding their favorite colors in the room. You can opt to buy painted usa bathroom cabinets to store valuables if you don’t like doing some paint work.

Bath tub

Creative tip 5: Do an environment-friendly upgrade 

Since you are already into the task, go ahead and add some environment-friendly upgrade into your bathroom. Wondering what these environment-friendly updates are? Few examples of these are low-flow toilets, water-saving showerheads, and sinks.

Water-saving or low-flow shower heads and faucets can use less than 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Meanwhile, water-efficient compact macerating toilets use between 1 to 1.3 gallons per flush. When buying water fixtures, check how many gallons of water they use to know for sure if they are truly water-efficient.

Not only are these items environment-friendly, they are also cost-efficient since it can help you conserve water. This feature can help you save money on your monthly bills. 

You can also go and add environment-friendly design upgrades like making use of old materials such as used wood planks as a vanity rack and reuse your old mason jars for storing bathroom necessities such as toothbrushes. 

If you are interested in getting an environment-friendly upgrade, you can go and ask your contractor or your interior designer to assist you with.

Creative tip 6: Go green! 

There’s a movement today that adding an indoor plant in your bathroom can make the entire room a sanctuary. Adding an indoor plant doesn’t necessarily mean large green plants that cover a large space. There are indoor plants that are ideal to be placed inside the bathroom. Such as begonia, air plants, snake plants, and bromeliad are just a few. 

Take this creative input from the other moms that are really into this idea of having indoor plants and genuinely enjoying their experience. 


Redecorating the look of your bathroom is an exciting task, but not to mention that it is also exhausting. For a mom that has their hands full, making small yet creative changes in the bathroom is already self-fulfilling. Good thing, there are so many ways that it can be done that require minimal expenses. Do whatever that makes you happy. Remember, your bathroom is your very own sanctuary.