The Coronavirus pandemic has turned our lives upside down.  Whether you are struggling financially or overwhelmed at everything going on at home, it is a tough time.  There is also the social isolation that is so hard to accept.. but it is necessary!

I saw a great hashtag lately.. remember we are #AloneTogether.

Here are some ways to stay positive during this tough time.

1. Remind yourself of what you have.. not what you don’t.

This is a good time to think about what we have, not what we don’t.  We are so grateful for our family, our health, our home.  Sure, there are things we are missing right now, but if you focus on those, it will bring you down.

Maybe you are missing out on a vacation, but there are people who can’t pay rent or car payments.  People who have lost loved ones to Coronavirus.

Maybe you are missing out on something special, but maybe you also have a job where you can work at home or a job to go back to.

2. It’s all relative

It is easy to get hung up on the things that you aren’t able to have while in isolation.  Keep it relative!

Maybe you can work from home, but it’s you are frustrated because it is tough because you are juggling your kids too.  Many people are out of work, and unable to bring in any income.

Maybe your kids are missing a school event, or you are frustrated because your toddlers keep you busy.  I remind myself of the high school seniors missing out on their senior year, maybe even prom or graduation.  On our swim team, our seniors missed their gold championships, a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Maybe seniors will be missing their prom.  Maybe my daughter won’t have her 5th grade graduation.  There is just no way to know, and so many of us have lost opportunities – just remember you are not the only one and keep it in perspective.

It also helps to talk with others.  It’s like being a mom – if you chat with other moms, all the struggles of motherhood are so relatable.  There are so many things we can all relate to with Coronavirus.

3. Reach out

Sit down with your phone or computer, and go through your contacts.  Reach out to your friends and family.

I have established daily check-ins with a lot of people, and it always helps to connect!

4. Take advantage of the down time & be productive

We live in this society that is so busy all the time.  I have read some great articles about this culture of “too busy”.  We take on too much, put too much on our schedules.  How many times have I tried over and over to hang out with a friend, but we can’t fit it in because we have work, we are shuttling the kids from one thing to another, and we are too tired?

Now we are home with the time to reconnect with our families, our friends (over the phone).  Work on those projects you usually don’t have time for.  How many times have I complained that I have abandoned my garden because I just don’t have time?  Now I have that time.

Now is the time you can be productive, learn something, better yourself, etc.  A few months ago, I deleted a ton of apps off my phone, and reduced all my notifications.  Now that we are home, I downloaded some apps like Words with Friends, which is a great way to keep my mind busy and engaged in activities.

5. Detox from technology

It is easy to get wrapped up in the news and scrolling Facebook every day.  While it is good to be educated, it is good to take a break.  Turn off the news and stop scrolling.  Do other things, and distract yourself from the constant barrage of Coronavirus information.

6. Get dressed and outside, take advantage of the outdoors (and follow social distancing)

It can get easy to get into a slump of not feeling good, not feeling ourselves, not getting out.  While we can’t get out much, it still helps to take a shower, get dressed, feel good and look good.  Fresh air makes a world of distance, and some sunshine goes a long way!