Parenting is hard. It might seem like an obvious statement, but until you have kids and become responsible for their safety, health, and daily routines, you don’t realize how tough it can be. Being a mom is great, of course, and your children bring so much joy into your life, but there are times when it can be overwhelming and you can feel as though you are losing yourself. 

This is why it’s so important to make sure you are still making time for yourself and finding time to relax and refresh. Here are four different ways you can get at least 5-minutes of peace during your day. 

Introduce ‘Quiet Time’

Kids can get over-excited at numerous points during the day, and while it’s good to see them having fun, sometimes this can be hard to handle and stress you out. Consider trying to introduce some quiet time into their daily routine where they sit and color, read a book, or even watch a movie or TV-show. While they’re occupied with a peaceful activity, you can get on with other things or take the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee and take a break. 

Find a Hobby

Finding a hobby could be an effective way of introducing some ‘me-time’ into your day. If you have incorporated some ‘quiet time’ into your kid’s routines, you can also use this time to do knitting, painting, or whatever you’re interested in. 

Alternatively, you could do this when the kids go to bed, are doing their homework, or are at school. Although you might have a list of chores if you’re a stay-at-home mom, you could still make time during the day to fit in half an hour of doing something you love. If you’re a working mom, use some time in the evening to enjoy your hobby of choice.

Treat Yourself

Whether it’s a hot bath on a Friday night, a take-out meal or dining out at the weekend, this will help you relax and refresh after a long week at work looking after the kids. You could even sign up for a subscription service to receive products you love and can look forward to each week or month. There are several services you could use; for example, if you use a vape, ZampleBox will deliver the best products to your door. 

Encourage Your Kids to attend After-school Clubs

Not only is this a great way for your kids to make new friends and take part in extra-curricular activities, but it also buys you a little more time to yourself once official school hours end. You can use this time to catch up on tasks you want to do, or read a book or engage in your hobby. 

It isn’t always easy to find time for yourself when you’re a mom, but you must do as you deserve a break, too! Consider the suggestions above and see how they can help you introduce some relaxation time into your schedule and keep you doing the things you love.