Summers in Columbus, as well as other parts of Ohio, are long and warm. To beat the heat during the summer months or to relax throughout the year, having a swimming pool will be a good idea. Regardless of the type of swimming pool that you have, pay attention to its care and maintenance. Read on and we’ll let you know what to do to keep your pool in peak condition, always ready for a dip! 

swimming pool


  • Check Pool Chemistry 


Pool chemical safety is a crucial concern. Chlorine and bromine, among other chemicals, are used to make water clean and clear while killing bacteria. To make the most out of these chemicals, check the pool chemistry and make sure it is at a safe level. The pH, for instance, should be between 7.2 to 7.8. 


  • Keep the Skimmer Basket Clean 


The skimmer basket prevents debris from entering the filter. It is a round access panel on the pool deck. At the very least, you need to clean it at least once a week to get rid of the debris collected. 


  • Shock the Pool 


To keep the water safe and clean, you need to learn how to shock a swimming pool. This procedure requires adding three to five times the normal chlorine for a short time. It will kill bacteria and algae. Test the level of chlorine. When the free chlorine level is zero or the chloramine level is more than .5, it is time to shock the pool. 


  • Clean the Pool Liner 


The pool liner, often made of vinyl, also requires proactive care and maintenance. It can be brittle over time, making it prone to wear. The liner can also attract dirt, making it important to keep it clean. Avoid using chemicals as this can damage the material of the liner. If it is too old or if there are highly visible damages, consider pool liner replacement from reliable companies in Columbus, such as 614 Pools. 


  • Vacuum the Pool 


A vacuum is one of the most important investments for any pool owner. This will make cleaning a breeze while making sure that there will be no dirt and debris. Make sure to regularly check the filter and empty the canister to ensure the peak cleaning performance of your pool vacuum. To make things easier, invest in a robotic pool vacuum. It can climb even stairs and walls. 


  • Winterize Your Pool 


As soon as the temperature reaches a freezing level and snow season starts, winterizing your pool is important. It will prevent water from freezing and avoid damages on the different parts of the pool, which can be expensive to repair or replace. Drain the pool and take out any removable equipment. Clean the pool and cover it. 

Keep your swimming pool clean! From checking the pool chemistry to proper winterization, take note of the care and maintenance tips mentioned above. They will help keep your pool fresh and clean!