Family road trips come with some of the fondest of memories, but it’s keeping the kids happy that can make or break the trip. Safety is the most important part of a road trip, and it’s vital to navigate the roads safely with no interruptions. However, one of the largest causes of car crashes are due to distractions within the car – it is best to contact a car accident lawyer if you have ever experienced a road accident.

A long drive can become boring and mundane for some young children, and while driving, trying to keep your kids entertained is just not possible, so here are six tips to keep your kids happy on a family road trip.

Hopefully, these tips will make for a pleasant and happy journey on your next road trip, but the most important part is to make sure you enjoy yourself!


Firstly, make sure your children’s car seats are suitable for their age and correctly fitted, this can have a huge impact on their comfort and, therefore, their mood. Also, keep plenty of bottles of water to hand, fully charge your mobile before leaving, and double-check your first aid kit has all the vital essentials for a long car journey.


Let’s get right down to basics, dressing children for a long drive in comfy clothes is one of the simplest ways to prevent them becoming agitated and also allows them to be comfortable enough to take a nap during those long hours on the road. Think joggers, loose tops, and even pajamas!


SNACKS! Who doesn’t love snacks? Yet another really simple trick but can keep children happy for long periods of time, plus it’s a holiday, so why not treat them to snacks they don’t always get to have. This will, for sure, keep them happier for longer.


Take regular breaks to avoid the inevitable “I need to pee” calls from the back! Planning where to stop off also means mealtimes can be factored in and also gives the drivers a chance to take a breather from the long journey. Some service stations have both indoor and outdoor children’s parks, so this can be an easy way to keep them happy along the way.


Toys are another brilliant option, for toddlers try fiddle toys such as a clip cushion, plenty of books and their favorite cuddly, but for older kids pack pocket board games and their handheld games console, just make sure it’s fully charged before you hit the road!


The radio! Whether it’s the kid’s Disney playlist or your favorite artist from the ‘80s the kids will love a good sing-along or enjoy having a laugh at dad’s awful singing! Try to find a fun family theme tune on your road trip!

Final tip

Share the responsibility: if you’re traveling with your partner regularly swap between driving and sitting in the back with the kids, this can help keep them entertained as you share out toys and snacks!