You aren’t the type of mom to obsess over organic vegetables for your kids or limit screen time every single evening. Allowing your children to enjoy a little bit of balance is healthy and you want to continue on this road. Even if you feel confident in your family’s lifestyle right now, there will always be ways to improve it. Whether you’re trying to reduce anxiety or teach your kids healthier habits, you can’t go wrong with some of the ideas mentioned here. Creating a healthy lifestyle for you and your kids doesn’t need to involve stringent rules and restrictions; you can make actionable changes that don’t impact your quality of life. Consider some of the options below and you will soon have a healthier and happier routine for you and your kids.

Make Sure They’re Drinking Plenty of Water

As an adult you always make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, but do you kids adopt the same habit? It is very easy to give little ones a glass of milk or a cup of juice and assume that’s all they need to thrive. However, young children still need to hydrate regularly and have water throughout the day. If you’re worried about the quality of water in your area, you could check out these Berkey test results. With a filter system in place you can have peace of mind that the clear stuff coming out of your tap is pure and free from toxic substances. Remember to invest in a water bottle for your little ones so that they can take water with them wherever they go.

Encourage Them to Get Active

Nowadays if you want to get your child off the sofa you need to lure them in with an enticing treat. Believe it or not, getting active every single day can really help with your child’s mental and physical development. Go on a bike ride with them, explore a local nature trail and try out a new sport every so often. There are so many fun and exciting ways to get active as a family, so why not give them a try?

Breakfast Every Single Day

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this is certainly true. If your little ones don’t fuel up first thing in the morning, their energy levels will slump during their day at school. Try to offer them an array of breakfast options in the morning so that they get excited about eating with you. From oatmeal to banana pancakes, there are so many ways to enjoy breakfast as a family every single day.

Vibrant Vitamins

You and your children could benefit greatly from taking a daily multivitamin. Not only can this boost their immune system, but it will also help with their energy levels. With vitamins it is always useful to start taking them habitually every single day, rather than waiting until an illness strikes. This will help to prevent these nasty bugs rather than cure them. You can get so many child friendly vitamins in your local drugstore and most of them taste really good too!

child sleeping sick

Plenty of Sleep

In the early days of hanging children, you struggled with the concept of sleep. Those few months are a complete blur in your brain and now you’re lucky enough to have the chance to sleep through every single night. As much as sleep is important to you, it is also crucial to your little one. If they don’t get enough shut eye in the evening, they won’t be able to concentrate at school and they will be pretty cranky too. Children need between nine to twelve hours of sleep every night in order to feel good and stay healthy. Create a calming bedtime routine and make sure they’re settling down early enough each night.

Less Screen Time

Although you don’t want to obsess over screen time, it is very important to give your little ones some time away from their coveted devices. A television show after school won’t do them any harm, but if they are constantly glued to a screen, this won’t work wonders for their social development. Create healthy boundaries and rules when it comes to screen time, such as no phones around the dinner table. This type of structure is very helpful when it comes to setting the rules for your little ones, but you need to abide by them too. Children pick up their habits from their parents so if they see you constantly tapping away on your iPhone, they will probably mirror this behaviour. Set a good example and turn your phone off from time to time too. As soon as you create these boundaries when it comes to screens, you will all have much healthier habits. It is very important to set this in stone sooner rather than later so that your child doesn’t get confused with the rules.

Happiness and Calm

There are so many ways to create happiness and calm in your home; this is a surefire way to ensure that your children feel totally healthy inside and out. Believe it or not setting ground rules in your household can help to settle children into a good routine. Little ones thrive when they have a structure, so this is the perfect way to make them feel completely happy, healthy and content at home and elsewhere too.

You and your kids deserve to have a calming, relaxing and healthy lifestyle that fills you with joy every single day. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how busy you are, all of the ideas mentioned above should be attainable for everyone. Whether you’re encouraging them to get active or you want to help them get a better night’s sleep, try them for yourself right now. You may notice small, but noticeable changes in the energy levels of you and your entire family. Enjoy the process of changing up your routines and stick with your new and improved healthy lifestyle.