Cleanliness is key to a healthy life! And homeowners should extend this cleanliness to their kitchen as well. Water usually drains slow, and it’s essential to plunge the toilet frequently. Though it doesn’t seem like a huge problem, but when left unattended, a drain clog that leads to health hazards and other plumbing emergencies.

Drain Pipe Plumbing

Professional drain cleaning can help! Other than unclogging the drain, it also enables you to save more. To know more about this, you can connect with an expert plumber. Some of the other advantages of drain cleaning are:

  • It helps to do away with foul odours

Do you know all that does down the drain? There are soap scum, hair, and various other organic matter in the bathtub. There’s also other dirt and grime that goes down the bathroom sink. It’s never a clean sight. When there’s a minor clog, the items are stuck on the pipe. And since all these elements are organic, it starts to get degraded, because the bacteria eat the same. And this leads to foul odours, which creates an unpleasant situation. It can make people move away from your kitchen and bathroom. You can usually unclog your drain with a regular drain clog remover, but if the clog is stubborn or recurring, it is time to bring in the professionals.

The professional drain cleaners reduce all these organic elements through their devices and cleaning solvents. That takes away the odour. It allows people to wash the dishes and take showers without having to cover their nose. 

  • Bring down the chances of a drain clog 

Can you think about flushing the toilet and check if the wastewater might overflow and spread all over the bathroom floor? If yes, then chances are you are anticipating the same. When you allow a slow drain to develop a clog, you might witness other issues as well. If there’s no proper drainage, you perhaps can’t take adequate bath. You might try to get your work done, but the clog will come in your way. Homeowners often make use of an over-the-counter drain cleaner. But since many of these have toxic chemicals, it isn’t apt for the environment and adversely affects your health. When you clean the drains regularly, it helps you bring down the clog to a great extent and doesn’t let you worry about sewage backup.  A service like Morris Jenkins can get the drains cleared in no time, so no more standing in shower water that won’t drain properly!

  • Secures walls and floors from damages

The moment water starts to overflow from a clogged toilet or sink, and it reaches your walls and floors. It didn’t get designed for this and can lead to water damage. You might find water seeping beneath the tile and erode the wallpaper and plaster in the walls. There’s also mould growth, and that can make your kitchen or bathroom lose its structural integrity. You can replace the wall chunks and the flooring, but that will be a costly option. But if the clog is recurrent, you don’t have any other option. You can count on the professional drain cleaner to eradicate the clog to secure the floors and walls. And it can last for several years if not exposed to water. 

Most importantly, you need to join hands with a professional drain cleaning service provider to secure your family! Bacteria can break down organic matters, which leads to foul smells. When the drain is clog-free, there’s no bacteria or fungi growth. It helps homeowners to live healthy with other family members.