House cleaning is not a joke! The more kids you have, the messier the house is. Most parents struggle to maintain a clean and organised household, especially if you have small children in the house. The task is even more challenging as you need to juggle work, cleaning the entire house and caring for the family.

MaidForYou recommends a proper house cleaning plan to keep the house clean and organised. Getting your house cleaning plan right is vital as it allows you to spend your time wisely and finish the cleaning task efficiently.  It also stops you from cleaning all the time!

A good house cleaning plan should be clear and detailed. It is essential to include the cleaning schedule, type of cleaning and the materials that you need. The house cleaning plan is your guide, so make it simple and clear!

Ready to get started? Let’s get cleaning!

Duration time: 30 minutes daily

Mop it Monday

  • Begin your cleaning frenzy by mopping the floor. Get the vacuum ready to sweep the dust and dirt that has accumulated in your house throughout the weekend. I understand that not all parents may have the luxury of time to mop the entire house once a week. Work on some parts of the house, such as the foyer and under the beds in between full cleaning.

Scrub Tuesday

  • Today is all about scrubbing the toilet. Get your gloves and toilet brushes ready and work your way through the entire bathroom. Getting it done as early now allows the whole family to enjoy a clean bathroom all week.
  • Disinfect the entire bathroom. Clean the bathtubs and showers. Check the toiletries and take the rugs out to give it a good shake. 

Wipe it Wednesday

  • Wipe all the surfaces in your house, including countertops, insides of cabinets and drawers and outsides of appliances and light fixtures. The proper wiping technique is vital to remove all the dirt, dust and germs. Use a disinfectant to kill the germs and bacteria.

Throw it out Thursday 

  • Focus on throwing out the clutter in your home. Take out the outdated stuff from your kitchen cabinet and refrigerator. Shred the documents and loose papers before throwing them. Throw unwanted books, magazines, school crafts, catalogs and newspapers.  
  • Declutter the wardrobes and take out unwanted clothes, shoes, toys and accessories. You can either give it away, throw it or donate to your favourite charity. 
  • Getting the house organised is essential for safety and for the kids to move around freely without you worrying about accidents.

Friday – laundry day!

  • I am sure that the laundry is piling up during this day. Your kids’ pajamas, uniform and football shirts need to be done for next week’s use. Soak clothes with tough stains with baking soda. Hand wash the delicate items to prevent damage.
  • Wash the blankets, pillowcases and bed covers. Replace the bedding with fresh ones.
  • Fold the clean laundry. Iron the clothes and put them away.

Slow Down Saturday

  • The cleaning time is reduced to 20 minutes. Get everyone to help. It is your opportunity to teach the young ones to carry out simple tasks such as wiping, dusting and taking out the rubbish.
  • Get it done! Straighten up the entire house as quickly as you can.

Sunday – Rest Day

  • No housekeeping day. Enjoy time with the family—bond with your kids. Enjoy the weekend by taking them to the park for a picnic.

What You Should Always Remember

The house cleaning plan is there to help you manage your house chores. Everything will be done on time as long as you stick to the plan. Also, do not pressure yourself too much. It is normal to have minor flaws in the household, especially if you have kids.

It is always important to train your kids to help you do simple house chores. It is a way of teaching them to become responsible at an early age. Taking out the rubbish, making the bed and dusting are a few simple house chores that you can entrust to them. You will need a powerful disinfectant cleaner that’s also non toxic and natural for the safety of everyone cleaning.

Make your kids understand the importance of having an organised home. Trying to maintain the house on your own will not work. It would be best if you had everyone’s cooperation. It will also help if you reward your kids after the cleaning, such as taking them out to their favourite candy or ice cream shop.

Cleaning an entire house is not easy. It can be annoying to clean up after your kids from time to time. However, as parents, it is an obligation to provide our kids with a healthy and safe home. It is up to your house organising technique or house cleaning plan. So, make it work!

Happy cleaning!

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