Rings make a great statement piece to add a sparkle or gleam to any outfit. Since rings are such a small accessory, they can work with any outfit. Keep reading to learn how to show your style with your rings!

Solitaire Rings

One of the simplest, and yet most classic, ring styles is the solitaire band.  With this style, the band is plain, with no adornments. The eye-catching statement comes in the form of one stone or gem that stands alone. In the cases of engagement rings, the gem included is usually a medium-sized diamond. 

Of course, even casual rings can be made in the solitaire style. As long as there is only one stone or gem in the ring, it is considered to be a solitaire style. The gem or stone can be as big or small as you like as well. For this reason, you can buy many types of solitaire rings to match with all types of outfits based on the color of the stone and how flashy you want the ring to be. 

Signet Rings

Signet rings were most in style back in the days when people used to seal letters with wax. These rings would have an initial or a symbol engraved in them. The letter writer would use these rings to stamp the wax and create a personalized wax seal. While letter writing has gone out of style, these rings are coming back in style.  

Signet rings used to be most popular in men’s fashion but they can also be worn by women. These rings will suit your style best if you’re into vintage fashion or old-world posh accessories.

Birthstone Rings

When it comes to birthstone rings, it doesn’t matter so much the style of the band you choose, as much as the stone(s) in the band matter. Every month has a unique gemstone associated with it. Each stone also has its own meaning. Wearing a ring with your birthstone in it is a fun and fashionable way to bring you luck.

Birthstone rings also make the perfect gifts for parents, especially mothers. Since the ring’s setting doesn’t matter much, or the number of stones in the ring, children or fathers can personalize the rings to make it unique to the mother. One common way to gift a birthstone ring is by putting a birthstone on the ring for each child. For example, if a mother has children born in March, May, and August, she could be gifted a ring with one gem each of aquamarine, emerald, and peridot.

Tension Setting Rings

Tension setting rings look truly unique in comparison to other rings. In most rings, the gem or stone is placed as though it is on top of the band. On tension setting rings, the gem is placed in such a way that it looks like it is in the band itself, as the sides of the band match up with the height of the gem or are even higher than the gem. 

The most popular way these rings are used is in the form of women’s engagement rings. However, they can also make for dazzling men’s wedding rings. If you can find a tension setting ring with a gem that’s not a diamond, it can also make for a great statement accessory piece.

Unique Cut Gem Rings

Not all stones need to be cut in a square shape to fit in a ring. Gems can be cut to all shapes and sizes. Oval and square cuts are some of the most common cuts. Did you know you can also get gems cut in the shape of hearts? This can make for a romantic Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift. Knowing that gems can be cut in any way you like makes it easier to get customized rings to match any outfit.


Which of these ring styles is most likely to catch your eye? One of these is sure to make for the perfect statement piece. So, try one ring style or try them all. The possibilities for making your outfit stand out, even more, are endless!