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When it comes to working out where your child will go to school, and what type of education you would like them to have, there are many important considerations that you will need to make. For example, you will want to think about the cost of your child’s education. When it comes to factoring this, you will need to consider it over the long term. If your child will be in education right the way through to university, how much is that likely to cost you, and how will you finance this? 

While the financial aspects are huge practicality, you will want to think about what you want your child to gain through their education. Going to school prepares your child for life, but what kind of life do you want for your child?

When you have a young child, it can be hard to see that far into the future. You will have to weigh up all of your hopes and dreams for them. You may start to imagine what career you can see them in, or how their lives will pan out. Of course, we cannot think like this, because our children will always go and lead their own lives, and make their own decisions along the way. 

Academic Achievements 

If you value academic achievements and want your child to grow up and go to university and study hard in order to gain a great career, then you will no doubt want to start them off early by choosing a school that is known for its academic achievements. You should be able to obtain the relevant data for schools in your area to find out how the students perform on average. It is worth checking with the school and meeting with the teaching staff in order to find out a little more about their teaching styles and methods. Unless of course your kid is a fast learner and a natural academic, then there should be no issues.

Boarding schools are often noted for their academic rigor and it may be worth considering this path for your child’s education. Often, they will learn quite a lot more in a boarding school because of the fact that the children will spend their entire time there. There are many different options for boarding schools for your child, one option that you might want to consider is military school for teens. This would be suitable if you would like your child to learn self-discipline which might help them in their future life and career. 


It is possible that you put a higher value on a child’s creativity and ability to think outside of the box, rather than their ability to perform well academically. Finding out the specific curriculum taught within a school will allow you to see where their educational focus might lie. If they teach more creative subjects or have teaching styles that promote problem-solving or encourage a wider range of skills, you might find this to be suitable for your child. 

Again, a meeting with the teachers at the school will help you to identify whether their teaching styles will match the specific educational needs of your child. 

Where Is The School?

One thing that you will need to think about is where the school is. Is the school close enough to home that your child will be able to get a bus or walk between there and home? Or, will you need to drive them there? Factoring how they will get to school and how long it will take is important. If your child has to get up very early in the morning and travel a long distance, and they are not getting home very early, this may very well impact upon their learning and their overall health. 

What Is The Schools Ethos?

When deciding on where to send your child to school, you may want to consider whether their ethos and mission statement matches what you want from a school. Read the school’s mission statement and objectives on their website and decide whether those are the values you want your child to be taught using. 

Many people will want to send their child to a school that has a link to faith within its teaching. For others, the inclusion of faith within the curriculum or even in other elements of school life might be a major red flag. If you have strong views in either direction regarding this, it is important to ensure that the school that you choose matches the morality and ethos that you are bringing your child up using.