The time for your big event is fast approaching, and it’s starting to seem overwhelming that you have to plan every aspect of it. However, with the right preparation and thought put into the elements of your event that need coordination, this planning process can go smoothly and ensure a successful event. Here are some tips as to what you can coordinate when planning an event.

Essential Rentals

The first aspect of your event that you’re going to want to coordinate are the essentials. This means designing a budget, renting an event space and all of the table and chair rentals Oahu that are necessary for throwing a large scale event with a number of guests. This aspect of event planning is probably the least fun to coordinate, but also the most essential. Without the space and seating for the guests you’re inviting, your event is almost guaranteed to run into a lot of unnecessary issues. Take care of these essential planning elements like table and chair rental first before planning any other aspects of your event.

A Guest List

Coordinating a guest list for your event can be stressful, but it is also necessary for making sure that you can be adequately prepared to put on a good event for those you invite. This aspect of planning should be done before ordering food and drink.


Create a list of supplies that you are going to need for your event.  Be thorough and make sure that you consider all aspects of the gathering, because forgetting details like setting up trash cans can be a disaster.  Your list should include a wide variety of items, including decorations, food serving supplies, entertainment, and clean up.

By making a list, you can also create a budget for items, prioritizing if need be.  Make sure you do your research, shop early and in shop in bulk to save money.  For example, you can find cheap table runners for sale, or visit a discount restaurant supply when it comes to larger quantities of food.

Food and Drink

The next aspect of your event that you should have to coordinate is thinking about the food and drink that you will want to serve to your guests and in what quantity you will need it. This means not only thinking about the guest list and how much of each item you should serve, but also thinking about what types of food and drink your guests will want to be served at an event like the one you’re throwing. The food and drink is an opportunity for you to put a personal touch on the event in picking items that can reflect your particular tastes or what you think the group will enjoy.  Embrace this step of event planning as one that is highly customizable and fun.

The essential rentals, guest list and food and drink are all necessities that you’ll need to coordinate when planning an event. Putting on an event is an exciting time, and you should embrace the opportunity as a way to let your personal taste shine through to your guests.