Over the past year, two impressive design trends have emerged when it comes to kitchen remodels: Dark and light kitchens.

The problem with these trends is that it leaves homeowners with a decision to make. Do they want to go for the dark look or the white kitchen trend? If you’ve been struggling to decide which look to use for your 2020 kitchen remodel, you’re in luck. Here are the pros and cons of white and dark kitchens.

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Pros of a White Kitchen

White kitchens look elegant and airy, reflecting light through the space for a calming atmosphere. Here are the main pros of doing a white kitchen remodel.

Makes the Room Appear Larger

White kitchens tend to make the space look bigger. This is an important consideration for those with small kitchens. There also tends to be a lot more positivity associated with the durability of white cabinets (see ice white shaker by RTA cabinet reviews, for example). 

White naturally reflects light and creates the illusion of space, and looks fresh, clean, and inviting.


Another benefit of investing in a white kitchen is that it’s versatile. White cabinets will go with any paint color you choose in the future. That means that when the all-white kitchen trend eventually fades out, you aren’t left with another huge renovation project to update your home.

White kitchens also look great with any decor you choose or appliances. White appliances tend to be more affordable than darker colors or stainless steel. So, if you have white appliances or are replacing anything soon, having a white kitchen makes that task easier.

Easier to Sell

When you’re selling a home, you want it to be as neutral as possible. Lighter, neutral colors make it easier for potential buyers to see past your personal flair and envision themselves in space. 

A white kitchen is neutral and provides that opportunity for visualization.

Cons of a White Kitchen

There’s only one real downside to having a white kitchen: food spatter shows up easier. There’s no hiding a drip of pasta sauce or coffee rings when you have a white kitchen, meaning that you might spend more time cleaning. However, when the kitchen is polished, it looks immaculate. 

Pros of a Dark Kitchen

The dark or black kitchen trend looks sleek, elegant, and classy. Here are some of the pros of dark kitchens.

Looks Amazing

When done properly, a dark kitchen can look amazing. Black cabinetry with gold fixtures adds an air of luxury and refinement. Darker hues of blue and emerald green are in alignment with other color trends and stand apart from the typical kitchen.

Hides Dirt

A darker kitchen is better for hiding the inevitable messes you see in this space. If cleaning isn’t at the top of your priority list, a darker kitchen offers a little wiggle room.

Cons of a Dark Kitchen

While the dark kitchen trend looks great, there are a few things to consider before investing in this remodel.

Can Be Imposing

The main downside of a dark kitchen, which is often a deal-breaker, is that it absorbs all the light. This can make the room look shadowy or imposing. If you already have a small kitchen, it will seem smaller. Rather than adding to the atmosphere, certain lighting can make it look dim and dingy.

As kitchens are one of the main selling points of a house, it might not be worth jumping on the dark kitchen trend.

Hard to Change

Whereas white kitchens are versatile and easy to alter, dark kitchens are not. If you get sick of the look within a few years or plan to sell, you might have to invest in another remodeling project. 

Additionally, your decor options are limited. The fixtures and appliances that look so great with the dark kitchen are often more costly.


So should you do a dark or white kitchen remodel in 2020? While the dark kitchen looks great now, you can’t go wrong with a white kitchen remodel. It looks great and adds tremendous value to your home.