When someone tells you that you can’t have a business and be a good mom, you become motivated to challenge every single one of them. You know that you can have it all, you just need to refine your strategies and find balance between your career and family life. If you’re looking for business success, you need to feel completely confident in your abilities. When self doubt starts to creep in, this is when you start to switch off your CEO mindset. With the following seven surefire strategies you will be able to boss motherhood and business 

1. Learn Remotely

As a mom you know that your time is so precious. Although you want to learn an expand your knowledge base, you don’t really have time to go into college, take a class and work in a classroom environment. If you have always wanted to lead people and encourage learning then you should definitely consider an online masters in education. You can work at your own pace, learn at home and gain an accredited qualification without having to leave the house. You should never feel closed off from learning because you have a young family; there are so many ways around it that are just as beneficial.

2. Create a Schedule that Works for You

The whole reason you’re embarking on your own career is so that you can work on your own terms. There is no point feeling overwhelmed and bombarded with work all the time; this isn’t the healthy balance you’re looking for. Build a schedule that works well for you and your family and stick to it as closely as possible.

3. Choose a Career That Can Be Carried Out Online

When choosing your career, it can be very tempting to choose something that you have always wanted to do in your dreams. If this involves travelling the world, attending 8am meetings and working the weekends it’s probably not quite right for you. Make sure you choose a business and career that can be carried out online. This will give you flexibility and creativity to pursue something from home.

4. Don’t Let Your Business Run You

The whole reason for starting your own business is so that you can work on your own terms right? Now, in the initial stages you are going to feel tired, overwhelmed and a little burned out. However, this should not be the norm for every day. Don’t allow your business to run you; you’re the boss remember? You create the rules, so you need to stick with them.

5. Switch off When You Need To

You need to learn how to switch off from your business otherwise you are going to become burnt out. Checking your emails just before you go to bed and scribbling down ideas when you’re meant to be on a family vacation isn’t an ideal working situation. Create boundaries for yourself and don’t step across them, even if you’re tempted.

6. Ask for Help With the Kids

You’re an amazing mom, but you’re not superhuman. You can’t possibly have full responsibility for the kids and build a full time business. Asking for help and accepting it when it is offered to you is so important. Trying to do everything by yourself isn’t a healthy outlook; everybody needs help at some stage in their career. Ask for help with the kids when you’ve got a particularly busy day coming up and it will lighten your load considerably.

7. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

Although you want to be the best of the best in business and for your family, you need to take the pressure off from time to time. Don’t work yourself so hard that you become burned out. This is counterproductive and will leave you with fears in the future. Write down what success would look like to you and use this as motivation when you’re feeling the pressure.


So adopt a strong mindset, be the boss of your own schedule and switch off whenever you need to. The amazing thing about running your own business is that the workload will be there no matter what. If you need to leave something until tomorrow or next week, nobody is going to tell you off! Being your own boss is fulfilling, flexible and pretty hard work too. As soon as you establish your flow, you will be able to find a balance and have a thriving business and an amazing family.