Are you making changes to your lifestyle in the hope of being more green? If so, then you’ve probably come across the argument that washing clothes by and is far better for the environment than using a washing machine. While this is clearly true, it’s not something a lot of us can really handle or deal with. You may lack time to wash things by hand, or you simply have too much family washing to contend with.

In this situation, you feel like you’re damaging the environment by using a washing machine. However, you can take steps to ensure your washer is more eco-friendly. It’s all about how you use it, the exact machine you use, and when you wash your clothes. Not only can you choose a more eco-friendly machine, but you can make sure you are being as efficient as possible, such as the appropriate products and using the Right washing machine temperature guide.

So, here are a few actionable tips:

Image from Pexels (CC0 License)

Buy a more energy-efficient model

Sometimes, you need to accept that your washing machine is very outdated. Therefore, you should upgrade to a newer version. You’ll see lots of brands around, but it’s known that Whirpool washer parts are easy to come by, so this manufacturer is usually one of the best to consider. You could also try Bosch or Samsung, both of which have an abundance of extra parts and are easy to maintain. 

The reason for a newer model is that it will come with energy-saving features. This means you can alter settings to use up less water and call upon less electricity. In turn, this dramatically slices your energy bill and makes the washing machine greener. 

Wash for an hour max

Some washing machines have the default time setting at four or more hours. This is completely unnecessary. There’s literally no need to wash your clothes for more than an hour. The only exception is if they’re heavily soiled or have been contaminated. For the most part, an hour is all you need to leave your clothes smelling and looking fresh. This reduces the washing time, which will cut down on your energy usage. 

Save your clothes for one big wash a week

Ideally, you should wash your clothes as infrequently as possible. While this isn’t always possible, you could try and get one wash in per week. At the very least, don’t underload the washer. This is a waste of energy as you will use up the same amount of electricity for a half-full machine as you would for one that’s fuller. By putting more clothes in at one time – but less frequently – you can go from two washes a week to one. In turn, this reduces the amount of electricity your home uses

This is all you need to do – it’s effortless, right? If you can wash by hand, then that’s the ultimate green goal. But, for those of you that can’t, you have to focus on making your washer as energy-efficient as possible. Get one with eco-friendly settings that reduce the water temperature and cut down on energy usage. Wash your clothes for less time, but see the same results. Finally, try and minimize how often you wash your clothes every week. Fill up the drum as much as you can before putting a wash on.