As we age, our health and happiness could decline if we’re not keeping up with healthy habits. If people are healthy in their youth, they will be healthy seniors. But for those that aren’t taking their health seriously, it’s not too late to start. Even as a senior, you can take extra steps to preserve your health and relationships to keep yourself happy and healthy in your golden years.

Elderly Gardening Senior Grandmother

Never forget to exercise

The older we get, the more critical it is for us to stay active. It doesn’t mean we have to go to the gym for two hours a day. Taking short walks around the block is just as effective. Going for walks, riding bikes, and light aerobic classes can help keep you active. As long as you enjoy the activity, you’ll keep wanting to do it.

Keeping yourself active will have a positive impact on your overall health when you’re older. Staying active will help prevent body aches and diabetes. You also help keep your muscles strong as you age.

Wear appropriate shoes

The shoes you wear in your youth can impact the state of your body in the future. Getting older means being more susceptible to foot, back, and hip pain. A lot of the pain comes from inappropriate shoes. Maybe you’ve been wearing shoes that are too small. Perhaps you’re wearing cheap shoes that fall apart easily. Perhaps you’re wearing high heels, even in environments where high heels are an awful idea. You may look good in your shoes now, but it’s going to impact how much foot, knee, and back pain you have when you’re a senior citizen.

When looking for appropriate shoes, look for a pair that are flat with proper arch support. They’re not going to be the prettiest shoes in the store, but they’ll be guaranteed to give your feet the support they need.


Loneliness is one of the most common killers in seniors. When a senior feels lonely, there’s a significant decline in their physical and mental health. Some often become depressed as a result.

By leaving your house often and meeting up with old friends, you can help fight loneliness. Having family visit often will also help fight loneliness, especially if you make strong connections with your grandchildren. Visits from family and friends will keep you in a good mood.

If you’re not able to leave home, a senior care community like Mary T Inc is a great place to live that offers all of the social benefits combined with higher acuity of care when needed.

Keep your mind sharp

Exercising your mind is just as important as physical exercise. If you don’t challenge your mind, you could find your mental health declining in the future. Finding crossword puzzles or learning a new language can help seniors keep their minds sharp as they age. Reading and writing are also great ways to help keep your mind sharp as you get older. You can also try to create an autobiography of your life events for your future generations, take help from a preexisting autobiography template. Doing all of these things will stimulate your mind to keep it healthy.

Take advantage of Medicare

At 65, people can have access to Medicare, getting their health taken care of for free. The first twelve months offer free physical exams while the years after that offer free wellness checks. You can get vision screenings, cancer screenings, and dentist appointments taken care of at this time. Paying attention to your health is crucial at this stage in life.


Growing old doesn’t have to be a depressing part of life. As long as you’re keeping your mind and body active while maintaining friendships and connections with your family, your senior years can be some of your best ones yet.