Kids love to go out and play in parks and sandboxes–sunshine and the outdoors are usually the way to go for kids. However, because their cells and organs are still growing, kids are at a higher risk for skin and eye damage due to sun exposure. 

It’s critical that they’re protected against the sun to avoid serious skin diseases that could hinder their health and development in the future. In this article, we’ll be going through the five best tips you should follow when checking out sunglasses for your kids. Read on and find out how easy shopping for kids’ sunglasses can be. 

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1. Check for broad-spectrum protection. 

With kids’ sunglasses, you can choose between those which offer regular UV protection and those which take protection to the next level. Remember that you always should get the pair which offers 90% to 100% level of UV protection. Any less than that isn’t enough. 

It’s also important to look at the type of protection that you’re getting. Some sunglasses will claim 100% protection, but only against either UVA or UVB rays–you need both because they’re very different but have grave effects on both the skin and eyes. 

UVA rays do damage under the skin while UVB causes surface damage like sunburns and sunspots. Make sure to go for broad-spectrum protection at the top level so you’ve got all bases covered. 

2. Pay attention to durability.

Kids love to move around—and taking care of their sunglasses is definitely the last thing on their mind. Although it might be tempting to get something stylish and adorable, the function and sturdiness should be your priority. 

Make sure that you choose sunglasses that can endure being dropped on the playground or even stepped on as the kids run around. If you can find a pair that’s waterproof or make of sports-grade plastic, the better it will be for you and your kids’ protection. 

3. Select plastic frames. 

This is connected to our previous point–you want to keep breakable things at a minimum as much as possible. Plastic frames are lighter and they don’t shatter as easily as steel frames. Sporty sunglasses are often made of durable, flexible material and will definitely survive rigorous activities. It’s also a lot cheaper to have plastic frames repaired if anything comes loose. 

4. Consider the fit of the sunglasses.

Fit is very important so that the sunglasses don’t fall off even when the kids are out playing and running around or swinging. Make sure that you choose a pair that doesn’t slip off when they play so they’re protected the whole time that they’re exposed to the outdoors.

Part of considering fit is also thinking about leaving some allowance for growth so that the kids can use the glasses for years to come. If not, you can ask the store if they do modifications or adjustments. 

Kids grow super fast–especially when they’re at around 9 or 10 and are headed toward their growth spurt years. Make sure you find glasses that have adjustable temples so that you can tweak them as your kids grow. 

5. Give your kids a choice. 

Choice is definitely a big part of getting kids to take care of their things. If they feel like they own the sunnies, they’ll care about them a bit more. Involve them in the shopping process so that they understand how special this gift you’re getting them really is. 

Ask them to choose the pair that they gravitate toward. As long as you still keep in mind our previous tips, doing this will give the sunglasses a bigger value. This help them learn accountability and boost the chances of them taking care of the sunglasses that you’ve picked out. It also serves as a great bonding opportunity for you and the kids. Who knows? It could eventually be a tradition that they pass on to their own kids. 


Choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses for your kids is crucial to keeping them protected while they’re having fun outdoors. When you choose the right frames, lenses, and material, the next step is to get them involved. This makes sure they take care of the sunnies and see the value in the special gift you’re giving them. 

Keeping our top tips in mind gives you a practical but fun approach when shopping for your kids’ eyewear. Whether you’re taking a trip over to a store or you’re browsing online, remember to take these factors into consideration when you go shopping for your kids’ sunglasses!