Addiction can be a very private and secret thing. Yet addictions and those that have them do not exist in a bubble. In fact, more often than not, they have family and loved ones that have to see them struggle and deal with the consequences. It is in this way that addiction affects the families of those that are addicted. A topic you can read more on in the post below. 


Arguments are often common in the homes and relationships of those going through an addition. This usually stems from the fact that the loved one of the person can see the harm that the addiction is doing to the person that has it. 

However, the person suffering from this disease genuinely believes that they cannot survive or navigate their life without it. Of course, this is the perfect breeding ground for arguments and fallings out. Add to this the issues with trust and money that can come along with addiction, and it isn’t hard to see why the family relationship of many addicts are under extreme stress. 

Now, you are probably asking what you can do as a family member to reject this stress? Well, sometimes the best thing can be to take yourself out of the situation. Yes, this may seem harsh, but it can be done lovingly. In fact, showing your family member that their behavior is unacceptable. That you won’t stand by and watch them endure in it anymore can be a very compelling motivation for them to get the help they need to stop. It can also help to protect your sanity and wellbeing too. 


Money also tends to be a massive issue in the family relationship for someone suffering from addiction. This tends to be because a person needs to make sure the cost of the addiction is covered before any other financial responsibility is taken care of. This is a situation that can put a lot of stress on the family’s economic well being. 

One way to deal with this is to separate the money of the person with the addiction from the rest of the family. Something that means there will always be enough to pay the bills and keep the family afloat. 

Of course, ideally, the person suffering from the problem will get into drug rehab and get clean. In fact, if the cost of rehab is what is preventing because of issues with money, it is helpful to know that rehab facility overseas can be a great deal cheaper. Something that means there is one less hurdle in the way to getting into treatment. 


Finally, resentment can have a significant effect on the family of an addict even after they have got clean and sober. This often stems from the fact that the addict will have prioritized their addiction over the wellbeing of other family members. 

Of course, it is impossible to turn back time. However, once stable and sober making a significant effort to repair these relationships can help you move forward positively together as a family.