There are countless things to do in Europe, and they are all worth mentioning. Condensing a list down to 7 may seem impossible, but there are plenty of standouts. When putting together Europe tour packages from Dubai, consider doing any of these 7 activities. Even if you only do half, it will be some of the greatest touring you can do in a lifetime. 

7. Sports

Soccer is huge in Europe, so you can expect to see a lot of it while touring. Anyone coming from the U.S. will see a different side of soccer compared to the one in their country. The difference is amazing and makes attending soccer matches a lot more fun when you join in with the dedicated fans. 

6. Canal Tour

It’s simple but is something that is becoming increasingly hard to find. Horse-drawn carriages can be found everywhere, but a canal tour is something that seems to be special when done in Europe. Let the guide soak you in the history of your surroundings as you relax on the water. 

5. Dessert

There is a distinct difference in sweets that Europe is known for. A good example of that is how Kit-Kat tastes in Europe compared to other countries. Going beyond traditional candy, you will find that baked desserts are fresh and delicious. And once you discover gelatin, you’ll never look at ice cream the same way again. 

4. Wine

Going to Europe and not trying out the wine should be a crime! You would have to try really hard to find bad wine in Europe, even if it is from an unknown place. Just like the dessert, there will be a difference in flavour. This difference makes having wine with food a totally different experience. 

3. Beauty

The things we find interesting are the people and things that are different from us. Individuality is strong in Europe and is noticeable when looking at fashion, buildings, art, music and other creative outlets. You’ll see something and someone different every day, and that makes for an exciting trip.  

2. Love

There are unforgettable stories about tourists finding their soulmate while adventuring in Europe. That connection is something that most people search a lifetime for. Europeans are not afraid of public affection, so don’t be surprised if the person of your dreams is flirtatious in public. It is the beginning of something special that could change your life forever. 

1. History

Both the good and bad history of the world is wrapped up in Europe. Whatever information you take in during your tour, think of it as a small piece to a giant puzzle. The infinitely fascinating history has filled books, museums, documentaries and several specials. Centuries from now, there will still be stories told about the great history of Europe. 

Wrap Up

Every tourist deserves a trip to Europe with all of the bells and whistles. The amount of culture and beauty that you will witness is indescribable. Plan a trip and enjoy some of the best sights the world has to offer.