In the last few years, salon marketing has grabbed a huge audience online.  Salons are searching for different services to stay ahead of the competition.  Choosing SEO for small businesses is an important part of an online marketing strategy. SEO is a huge subject with lots of different factors and techniques to make a website visible when customers search for specific keywords in search engines. Keywords are the words that people search on Google to find out any product or service. SEO for salon gives a salon website boost in search engines and improve the level of engagement for people who are looking for the purchase of service. SEO benefits all businesses including salons.

Here, below mentioned are few salon marketing ideas to get you more customers:

1. Spread Keywords

Every page of the website needs to work hard to get ranked in search engines. On the home page, it should be only about the salon. Each service page should be different to give different services as manicure page needs to about manicure service, hair spa needs to about hair service. waxing page should be about waxing only.  These kinds of specific pages should create specific engagement of the customer because most people are looking for specific services only.

2. Consistent NAP Profile on Citation

Your website might be listed in citation websites. Make sure the Name, Phone number, Address, and other details should be consistent on every citation website and that too without any spelling error. You can either use Google search to check the business detail or use service tools like Moz local to do the same in less time.

3. Links Used by Competitor

It is very important to know why competitors are ranking high in your city. Check out all the profiles where they exist and you don’t. Find out the links or directories where they are listed and you don’t. Use of Moz open site explorer which shows what backlinks your salon competitors are getting and also know all other details about competitors.

4. Blog or Article Writing

Article or blog is something from where it gets easy to share useful information about the business on different social media channels, newsletters, emails for making a website seem fresh to the visitors. Also, it is signal to Google that you are updating a content on regular basis. To show a website is active, blogs are great for doing this. While writing a blog make sure to put SEO keywords in the title and text.

5. Getting High-Quality Website to link your Salon’s website

Google determines the quality of the website by what other websites are linking to it. It plays a great role to rank a website higher. Get links from business directories especially local ones like chamber of commerce, yellow pages, and even newspapers to get more chances to relate your business to the high-quality website.

6. Backlinks from the Local Business

Making good relations with the local businesses especially the ones that have a strong web presence surely help to build a strong appearance. They can do a link exchange by writing a blog post that links to their favorite local businesses or even does a partnership giveaway with prized from both your businesses.

7. Have a Solid Social Media Strategy

The relationship between social media and Google is not direct. They have a ton of followers. Engagement does not necessarily mean that it will give a better ranking. Profile on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others is proof that more people will discover your content and as a result, more websites will link to your website.  With social media, people become familiar with the branding which means they prefer more likely to click on your search.  SEO for salon seems to be a long daunting task. But it pays off long term benefits that give amazing benefits for the long term. Creating specific page for specific service get closer to the top listing of a specific search.