Are you looking for chiropractic care in Virginia Beach? Then you need to check out Alpine Health Center. A quick internet search for Chiropractor Virginia Beach will reveal to you that, this company recently celebrated 25 years in the wellness business. 

One of the areas that the company was celebrating is its multidisciplinary team of therapists. This team allows the institution to offer individualized treatment that applies a wide array of wellness principles ranging from physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic care.

It also offers treatment to both short-term and long term conditions that include injuries incurred in sports, spinal injuries and chronic back pain. Their service is backed by personalized exercises, and advice on the best diet approaches to take for a healthy life, and faster recovery.

Besides their experienced doctors and a wide array of treatments, they also have some of the best treatment equipment. At Alpine, you can expect to find the latest spinal imaging equipment for spinal health screening and posture treatment. They also make use of holistic treatment techniques such as habit changes. This allows you to choose a treatment option that is tailored to meet your health needs in the best way possible. 

Alpine Health Center also takes pride in its affordability. They tailor the cost of their services depending on the client’s needs and ability. This, paired with their high-tech equipment and experienced medical practitioners, has endeared them to clients for over two decades. To make the costs even more affordable, the company accepts all major insurance carriers. They also have flexible payment plans for people whose insurance does not cover chiropractic care. They even offer emergency chiropractic care at good prices. 

Some of the treatments that you can get at Alpine Health Center are as below:

  1. Active Release Treatment

This is the company’s patented soft tissue system massage technique. It is used to treat muscle issues, headaches, sciatica, and knee issues, among other problems. It is an effective technique because, it identifies how soft tissues react to form scar tissue. 

  1. Massage therapy

The organization offers therapeutic massage for superficial and deep tissue massage. To make the process more effective, they have two massage therapists tasked with helping clients reduce lower-back pain, help expectant mothers have shorter labor, help athletes relax after a tough workout, among other benefits.

  1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the most effective ways to help the body relax and also reenergize. At Alpine, they have experts who have specialized in helping patients improve their energy levels using this ancient Chinese technique.

  1. Laser therapy

This is a technique that makes use of light wavelengths to create a therapeutic effect. It is known to improve cell functionality, and reduce chronic pain. At Alpine, they have the best laser equipment for muscle pain and nerve relief.

  1. Chiropractic care

At Alpine Health Center, they offer chiropractic treatment for back and spinal injury. They have experienced professionals in this field. 


There are lots of other services that you can access at Alpine Health Center. To learn more about their services, get in touch with them via call on (757) 496-3229.