When you finish your workout, it’s not actually over. You need to think about the importance of recovering after a workout as the workout itself.

There are several ways that you can ensure you have a quick and effective recovery after intense exercise. There are many myths and lies about recovering from workouts.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that there is any magic way to avoid recovering from your exercise. You need to follow our below tips to make sure you’re ready to go again the next day. Let’s go!

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1. Have an Afternoon Nap 

Around one in three Americans say that they don’t get enough sleep. Many of us don’t get the recommended seven hours per night of sleep. When you’re not sleeping enough, you’ll find that your performance and recovery isn’t as good as normal.

That’s why it’s really important that you go to bed early if you need to wake up early in the morning. However, that doesn’t matter if you can find the time after your workout to have a bit of shut-eye.

Just sleeping for twenty minutes in the afternoon can really rejuvenate you for the rest of the day. You may even find that your mood improves and you’re ready to exercise again the next day.  

2. Listen to Relaxing Music

You may have been listening to dance or electric music while you were working out in the gym or running in the park.  But, after your workout routine is over, it’s time to recover with some more relaxing music. You want to slow down your heart rate as quickly as possible.

There is evidence that when you listen to slow music, your heart rate slows and your blood pressure goes down as well. It even reduces anxiety by up to 65%.  There are so many wonderful ways music affects the brain.

3. Eat More Protein & Consider Supplements

Protein is really important when you’re regularly working out. This is the kind of nutrients you need if your body is going to recover from intense exercise.

Remember, when you exercise, you tear muscle tissue all of the time. So, protein is the source of rebuilding the strength in your muscles.

That’s why snacking on protein before, during and after your workout is essential. Eating a plate of scrambled eggs is one of the most effective ways to recover quickly. 

Make sure that you have a balanced diet, and you may want to consider supplementing your diet as well to make sure that your body is getting proper nutrients.  This can be anything from iron supplements for anemia to BCAA (check out this Guide to BCAA for more info).

4. Staying Hydrated With H2O

Around 80% of Americans say they don’t drink enough water. If you’re dehydrated, your body won’t recover as quickly following exercise.

Making sure you’re drinking a glass of water after your exercise is crucial for a speedy recovery. Apparently, you need to drink around 8 ounces of water around 30 minutes following exercise.  If you want to make your water tastier and better for muscle recovery then add some bcaa powder to it.  

5. Recover With a Massage 

There are many unknown benefits of getting a massage. But, if you’ve just been working out, receiving a massage can really quicken your recovery. 

Do you frequently experience sore muscles after your workout? This could be prevented by getting a massage from a professional.

Don’t simply ask your friend or partner to give it a try. You definitely need to get someone who knows what they’re doing to help you. 

While you’re there, you can also enjoy the benefits of saunas and swimming for helping your body to recover from working out.   

6. Taking an Ice-Cold Bath

Taking an ice-cold bath probably isn’t for everyone. However, you should know that many professional athletes use this method of recovery. 

It’s seriously backed up by science as an effective way to allow your body to recover after really intense physical activity.

The cold water helps to reduce any muscle inflammation in your body. So, that makes it an excellent way to get back on your game for tomorrow. 

7. Effectively Stretch Your Body 

You may think that stretching before your workout is more important. But, you should be stretching after your exercise as well.

This is a great way to improve the circulation of your blood and prevent any injury after your workout. 

Stretching doesn’t need to be boring either. Try yoga moves or pilates to find ways to make it more interesting for your recovery.

8. Focus Your Mind on Recovery

Talking to yourself positively can help you to recover from any workouts. This has been shown to even help improve your overall performance during workouts. 

This could be considered a type of mindfulness. Just sitting peacefully in silence has the power to recover after your intense physical exercise.

9. Do Nothing and Chill

Just resting and chilling after your workout is really important to recover. You don’t want to be constantly physically active.

Sitting reading a book or playing on your smartphone after you have done intense exercise is vital to relax your muscles. 

This usually isn’t a problem for most people. But, if you’re especially active, you may need to learn how to sit down and do nothing sometimes. 

10. Eat Fruit and Vegetables 

Many physically active people forget that eating a healthy diet isn’t only about having lots of protein. The foundations of any healthy diet are also eating lots of fruit and vegetables. 

Around 90% of Americans don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables. If you want to ensure that you can recover effectively after exercise, you need to eat a balanced diet. 

Tips for Recovering After a Workout

You shouldn’t only be focusing on your workout routine. You also need to think carefully about recovering after a workout.

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