Most moms out there will know that it’s a strain reading bedtime stories every night, helping out with homework and getting through the many other daily chores that give your eyes a bit of a workout. For those of you who need glasses, don’t worry! Just see it, excuse the pun, as another opportunity to show off your taste and style. Glasses and sunglasses are a great fashion accessory and if chosen correctly they can really show off your gorgeous features. Taking into account your facial shape and your coloring you can find the specs that are perfect for you.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

Face shape


If you’re lucky enough to have a heart-shaped face you will have profound cheekbones, a small chin and a slightly wider forehead. It’s best to choose frames that pass the edges of your forehead and perhaps with a thicker browline, so the top line of the frame. Cat-shaped lenses would suit you as well. 


If you have soft features on a rounder face it’s better to choose frames with similar characteristics. Don’t go for angular frames, stick to circular, or oval shapes. 


An oval shaped face is suited to frames that are subtly rounded and in even proportion, such as the shape of the face itself. Ideally you want the frames to be slightly wider than the cheeks. 


A square face needs frames with just as many angles as itself, to compliment your strong jaw and forehead, so steer clear of round lenses. Proportional shapes and narrower styles will compliment a square face the best. 


Similar to square, rectangular faces suit angular frames rather than round, particularly with a strong browline. 


By triangle, this means the top part of your face is the pointy end of the triangle, with the jaw line being wider, if this makes sense. It’s better to go for frames with strong browlines or even cat-shaped eyes. This will enhance your best features. 

Where choosing the right glasses for your face shape is vital, but here are some points to consider if you have difficulty choosing a color as well. Some of you may prefer subtle blacks, greys and metallics, but for those of you who wanna have a little more fun, here are some basic tips as to which colors suit your skin and hair coloring. 

Skin tone

Pale to warm skin tones generally suit reds, browns and purples. Warm to dark tones go better with greens, golds and browns. Feel free to have a play around with color and see what you like best, sometimes it depends more on the combination of your hair color and skin tone.

Hair colour


So obviously there are a range of shades in each hair color but you can more or less divide them into categories, lighter or darker, in order to know which color frames match best. With lighter blondes grey, pink, purple, blue or turquoise are recommended as these will compliment your coloring best, try to stay away from dark yellows and golds as these could clash. For a darker, warmer blonde, instead try peaches and coral shades, greens and autumn tones, but not pastel pinks and blues. These light colors tend to wash you out if you’re blonde. 


For those of you with light to chestnut brown hair it’s better to opt for greens, purples, dark reds, black and pastels. So you see, haha, you have a pretty wide spectrum available if you’re lucky enough to have light brown hair, as it pretty much tends to go with everything. If you have darker brown tones however, try greens, tortoise brown, black, white and red. 


You don’t wanna take away the attention from your gorgeous, bright, natural color but some bolder tones can be complementary, such as green, brown, black, gold, copper and even red. Avoid yellow tones and more grey colors as these won’t match your hair. 


It happens to everyone, so don’t worry, many moms out there are sexy silver vixens! You can still choose a great pair of specs to make you feel like a million dollars. Choose strong, dark colors like red, blue and black, steer clear of browns and yellows. Silver streaks are charming and add character so don’t be ashamed of them! If you are worried about preventing the signs of aging however there are some tips here. If do you color your hair you can refer to the guidelines for the color you choose. 

And finally, don’t forget that you are your own stylist! If you like a particular color or pattern who’s to say you can’t wear it, be individual! These are only suggestions for those of you who are looking for a place to start, as there’s a heck of a lot of choices out there. Have a browse online for the styles of glasses you’re looking for, if you have an idea in mind it will be easier however. Try looking online and comparing different brands. For top-quality lenses for Nike eyewear, explore the collection available at Elevate your eyewear game with these premium lenses designed to enhance your visual experience.

More things to consider…

Glasses aren’t just a fashion accessory so make sure you need them and have the right glasses for your eyesight. It’s a good idea to go to an optician, or see your family doctor and make an appointment for an eye exam. You don’t want to be buying the wrong type of glasses for your vision, as there’s a wide range of issues. Some moms just need reading glasses which you can buy without a prescription however, it’s still advisable to have a test done. You can read online about the different eyesight conditions to understand a bit more. 

Have fun shopping for glasses! It can be one of the funnest accessories to play with to express your own style and highlight your features. You can find lots of great styles at cheap glasses Canada. They’ll fit for life and you will welcome the compliments.