Being a mom is one of the most important jobs in the world but, at some point, you and your fellow moms will need a night to relax and recharge. Of course, these occasions are rather rare; even if you can set up a regular moms’ night in, there’s no telling if everyone will be able to turn up.

So, to make the most of the downtime with your friends, it’s best to pick a fun theme that will utilize the time well and prepare for the evening as best as you can. The best themes are often in line with classic ideas as they allow everyone to ease into the occasion and relax, making it easier to enjoy the night.

The classic movie night in

Here are our top suggestions:

It might be cliché by this point, but a movie night in is a great way to enjoy an evening with your mom-friends. Parenthood often means that, at some point, you’ll miss watching some of the best new movies in order to watch more child-friendly creations. A moms’ movie night in gives you all the perfect chance to watch some of the best films that you’ve all missed.

Of course, there are great ‘recent’ movies like The Favourite, Spotlight, and Her, but for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment, you can’t go wrong with a good chick flick. As far as the best movies for a chick flick night go, it’s best to start with newer titles like Crazy Rich Asians, Lady Bird, and, of course, the Mamma Mia! movies.

A night in of classic gaming

Sometimes, you don’t want to just sit around and consume some content: you want to be more hands-on with your entertainment. This is where classic games come in. There are so many great games to choose from, from Pictionary to something more skill-based such as Carcassonne.

Keep it simple with food, drink, and chat

You don’t always need to have a particular activity at the heart of your moms’ night in. Instead, you can just get in some tasty snacks, a bit of wine perhaps, and sit around catching up with your friends. Naturally, you’ll want something a bit unique as the centerpiece of such a night in, with the charcuterie board being a great choice.

Much of the charm of a charcuterie board is the aesthetics. With cured meats, olives, some olive oil, bread, cheese, dried fruit, nuts, some crackers, and some other dipping salsas and sauces, the board can look incredible. Best of all, it suits the casual, relaxed theme of the night with it all being finger-food.

Making the most of your moms’ night in can be as easygoing as you like but, to capitalize on the free time, consider one of the options above.