Our pets are a part of our family, so their health is important.  Taking good care of your dog can help to prevent future problems with their health, and good care can mean your furry family member can live a longer life.

Here are a few easy tips for maintaining good dog health.

Labrador Dog

Keep up with vaccinations, medications, and regular vet checks

Just like you go to a doctor on a regular basis, it is good to get your dog to the vet for regular checkups and to stay up to date on things like vaccinations.  Keep your dog current on any medications and vaccinations, especially since dogs are exposed to things when they are outdoors and in contact with other dogs.  Your vet may also recommend supplements as your dog ages.

Make sure your dog gets good exercise.

This does not mean opening the back door and letting your dog into the yard.  Be sure to take your dog for proper walks.  Not only is this good for their physical well-being, but dogs need to have You can also take your dog to the park or on a hike, which are great ways for them to get the physical and mental stimulation they need.

Provide good nutrition and supplements

Good food is a must, and dogs can use extra supplementation as well.  You might want to consider something like glucosamine as your dog gets older.  Check out Ruff Hero to learn more about supplements for your dog.

Maintain a healthy weight

Just like us, dogs should maintain a healthy weight to stay healthy.  Be sure that you are aware of healthy portions, and choose their diet carefully.  Not all pet foods are the same, and even different breeds have varying nutritional requirements.  Obesity in dogs can cause a variety of problems, from back issues to heart issues.

Be sure to do your research and be an informed pet parent.  You can often find answers to your questions about simple questions (such as what foods are safe for dogs) online at Ruff Hero.