Baskets are probably one of the most versatile accessories at home, but rarely get much credit for it. You use them as hamper, fruit and vegetable storage, and even as a gift organizer.

But, have you ever looked beyond them being storage or utility of sorts? If you haven’t yet, it’s time to consider woven baskets as an excellent decorative option for your home.

Here’s how to spruce your home with woven baskets:

Craft Supplies Organizers

If you have a picnic basket just laying around, get that seldom-used picnic basket into good use. How about organizing your stickers, scrapbooks, and stuff in it? 

This is an excellent way of putting everything in one place so you can just focus on being creative.

Makeshift Bookshelves

Turn an ordinary divider on your living room into an instant bookshelf with the help of baskets. These woven storages make an ideal organizer for books that don’t have their particular spot in the house just yet. 

This is also particularly ideal for the lower level of the divider to add weight to the furniture and prevent it from tipping over.

Wall Decor

Some baskets are too pretty to be hidden underneath your bed frame as storage of your excess clothes. If this is the case, consider hanging these baskets as you do with picture frames. 

You can do this in the living room or even in the master’s bedroom.

Storage That Blends

Baskets look like an eyesore if their color and style are different from the rest of the room they’re in. 

When doing a makeover of your house, you don’t have to dispose of the baskets that don’t blend in. You just have to learn to mix and match the baskets with the furniture and the motif of your home.

Hanging Planters

Give a new life to your dull hanging planters. Wire baskets may seem to be more appropriate since you would have to regularly water the plant. However, some wooden baskets would also be durable and can stand being soaked in water for a prolonged period. 

They can also be a host for the plant’s roots to crawl on and cling to like it would on the soil.

Organize Towels in the Bathroom

If you’re tired of seeing your towels all over the bathroom just because there’s no designated place for them, you can use wooden baskets that are hung on the wall. 

These baskets add character to a dull shower and help you declutter a messy bathroom.

Maximize Vacant Spots in the House

Don’t leave out unutilized spaces in your house with no purpose at all. Try to use the top of kitchen cabinets as storage to some of your rarely used kitchen tools and utensils. 

However, give them a more vibrant look by organizing them in some pretty-looking baskets.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Hide Them

If you have things that you don’t want other people to see, but can’t afford to dispose of just yet, you can simply hide it away. How so? 

Use these baskets to organize old magazines and newspapers, old books and references, and even old clothes. You can hide these under your study table, under the bed, and even under your dresser.

Outer Cover of Your Flower Pot

Flower pots can be messy-looking from the dirt and algae from constant watering. Give them a more decent look by using baskets to act as their outer cover, especially if you want them indoors. 

This gives them a more vibrant personality and style.

Mail Storage

Tired of seeing utility bills and other mails scattered all over the place? 

Gather them all in one basket so you won’t have to miss any due dates just because you can’t remember where you’ve put them.

Table Centerpiece

Use baskets as a highlight of your dining table. You can use them to store flowers, wine bottles, or even fruits to impress your family and visitors. 

They make up a cozy ambiance that makes the dining experience even more special.

Toys Storage

You don’t have to be annoyed with kids’ toys anymore. Segregate them per type and size using woven baskets and place them in a large pigeon-hole cabinet. 

It’s also an excellent opportunity to teach kids how to take care of their toys by putting them away properly after use.


If you want an easy escape from all the clutter at home, there’s definitely more to woven baskets than convenient storage. Stylish woven baskets are a practical way to address the mess around the house while adding value to the overall appearance and style of your abode.

So, the next time you go to some home improvement shops looking for something to accentuate your home, don’t hesitate to buy a nice-looking woven basket. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!