Choosing a retirement residence is a big deal. Whether you’re looking for yourself or a loved one, you know that there should be space, privacy, great caregivers, high-quality food, and a positive atmosphere. Amenities for an active lifestyle are another must, and flexible care options for expanding needs can make your whole family’s life much easier.

As you embark on your search, use this check list to help you evaluate retirement residence options in your area.

#1 Suites that Fit Your Lifestyle

Suites or senior apartments should offer space, privacy, and all the amenities you expects. Senior apartments for rent typically offer 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, studio, and plus-den layouts.

There are other features you should keep in mind beyond space. Some people absolutely love cooking, and even if they don’t want to do it all the time, the freedom of a full kitchen is essential. Cooking is a way for many to find inspiration and fulfillment.

If there’s a beloved pet in the picture, make sure the building is pet friendly with no strings or extra costs attached.

#2 Activities

It can get harder to lead an active lifestyle as you get older. Living alone makes it an even greater challenge. That’s one of the great advantages to senior house in a retirement residence, and you should find a community housing, which will make it even easier.

Look for both social and fitness activities, as both are essential to senior health. That can include things like game nights, movie nights, craft clubs and book clubs on the social side of things, while great fitness activities for seniors include chair yoga, Tai Chi, and aquatic aerobics led by an instructor.

To see what active living is all about, take a tour of an All Seniors Care living centre, a great example of a mixed independent and assisted senior living community.

#3 Services and Entertainment

Life in a senior living community offers plenty of conveniences, but there are still lots of reasons to get out into the world. From shopping to restaurants to medical appointments, it’s important that the retirement residence you choose is close to services and entertainment, and that they offer shuttle service to medical appointments and shopping trips. It helps if the residence is close to public transit or is walking distance from major commercial areas.

#4 Amenities & Common Areas

Privacy is important in a senior living community, but so are the common areas. There should be more to a retirement residence than just private apartments and a dining room. As such, you should look for a facility, such as one of those operated by Clover Group, that offers plenty of space for games, entertainment, exercise, and more.

Some great things to look for include an in-house cinema, exercise rooms with the right equipment, a library/internet lounge, games room, and a tuck shop for those mid-afternoon snacks. Some residences also offer services like a barber shop or hair salon on the premises.

#5 Care Options

One of the biggest considerations you should look for in a retirement residence is the availability of care options. Many retirement residences are great for independent living, but if they are going to allow you or your loved one to age in place, assisted living, full care, and memory care should all be available.

With this check list, you can quickly identify the retirement residences in your area that will work for you or your loved one.