Just like that, Mother’s day is just around the corner. While the season has been noted as the third to fill malls and shopping areas with people buying presents for their moms, grandmothers, or wives, there are those who opt for a more meaningful present. These are the people who have a tough time contemplating on which expressive mother’s day gifts to purchase for their precious ones. 

A lot of moms out there ended up receiving gifts with a little touch. The same moms have commented that what they would really absolutely love as a Mother’s Day present, more than the luxurious gifts, is a day off of their daily responsibilities, or in other words – solitude. Of course, every mom deserves that. 

So, talking about the sweetest Mother’s Day Gifts, one from the list that people of today would offer is a passionate breakfast in bed. Meanwhile, there are those that would actually give their mothers a day off, i.e. letting them do whatever they desire to do that is not house chore related. It could be a full day of free pampering.

Nonetheless, if you wish to offer her something more memorable and expressive on that special day on top of the usual presents that you planned to give, you might want to consider these great gift ideas:


  • Her all-time favorite perfume. I’m sure you have already experienced that moment where the scent of something feels so familiar to you and it makes you nostalgic for some reason. Apparently, statistics show that the feeling of odour is one of the most effective points to bring back memories from the past. Hence, gifting her her all-time favourite perfume would surely touch her heart and make her emotional. 
  • A Memory Jar. Give her a memory jar with folded tiny pieces of paper where you a few of your fond and special memories that you have with your mom are written. They may be about the things you have done or spent on together, preferred family activities, points that she did or had actually said that has an excellent impact for you, the best piece of guidance she provided you. Place them in a jar that she can easily read from anytime she desires.

If you are not in good terms with your mom, this memory note will help unload the burdens you both have long been carrying. This will aid in the start of a conversation with her, making her emotional about the memories you too have found special together. 

  • Great Book. 

While it is sweet to give her a card with your lengthy note on it, reality is once your mother is done reading it, she will most likely place it in an area she’ll soon forget about. It might even end up in the garbage can years after. 

Instead of cards, why not give her books instead? She will surely love it regardless if she is a book lover or not. Give her one that is packed with emotions or a book that most likely capture her interest, e.g. a love story, a spiritual book, or a relationship keeping one. These books would most definitely make a substantial Mommy’s Day gift.

  • A Beautiful, Fresh Bouquet and a Memory of It

Flowers never go out of style. They just have that thing that flatter and leave women with a smile. Hence, on the mother’s day, you can give her a beautiful bouquet of her favourite. And then capture the moment, frame it, and give it to her the next day to make sure that the memory does not wear out even if the flowers soon will. 

Or you can even do more by printing out more of your photo collections together. Instead of buying a photo frame for each of them, you can opt for clips, i.e. clip the picture to a plastic stick and unleash your creativity, make sure the sticks stand for a beautiful display. 

  • A Memorable Kitchen Area Time

Generally, the space in which we have one of the most memories remains in the kitchen area. It is this location wherein we can loosen up, chat with each other and also uncover new points. To make her happy on that day, you can prepare a unique meal for her which could be the one that she usually cooked for you in the past. You may even acquire some guidance as well as tips while you are cooking. Your cooked meal will definitely restore cozy memories for both of you.

  • A Sweet Joyride

If your mother loves nature or she really seems in need of a breather, help her feel relaxed by giving her a sweet joyride. Go on a scenic drive and appreciate the views together. 

  • Other Things That Make Her Go Down the Memory Lane

You can explore your closets, storeroom, the attic area or the storage for some old tokens. It might be your mama’s costume, an old amusement park ticket, or her style fashion jewellery. You can discuss the memories behind these things with your mommy or gran which can stimulate joyous sensation for both of you.

You should be innovative enough and think outside the box when choosing presents that will surely paint a smile on  your mom’s face this mother’s day. The cost of the present would certainly not actually matter for your mom. What would certainly matter most to them is that you remember them and their efforts and that they will absolutely truly feel valued for all the sacrifices that they have attended to you as well as your entire household.

Find it challenging? If looking for that perfect mother’s day present has been tough for you, it is always okay to ask for help. We are not mind readers. So, if you are not confident enough that your gift idea in mind will be able to make her happy, find someone that you think knows her very well. Ask for advices and assistance in pulling off your precious surprise. And do not forget to remind her how great of a mom she has been.