As a parent, your number one job is to keep your kids safe. However, in order for your children to learn and grow, you have to allow them to go out by themselves at times and make some mistakes. Luckily, this can usually be done in a safe place, like your own backyard.

But sadly, many people’s backyards really aren’t as safe as they might like to think. So to help ensure that your kids are able to avoid harm and danger when playing on your property, here are three tips for keeping your kids safe when in your yard. 

Remove Any Potential Hazards

The first and most important thing you should be doing to keep your kids safe in your backyard is to remove any potential hazards from the area. 

According to Alexia Chianis, a contributor to, some of the most common dangers that people have in their yards include gardening tools, ladders, hoses, and chemicals. But in addition to these items, you might also have some natural hazards that you should address. Things like sinkholes, thorny bushes, or animals can also be unsafe for your kids to be around. So if you have any of these things in your yard, make sure you deal with them before allowing your kids to play in that area. 

Install A Fence

Another thing you should do to keep your kids safe when playing in your yard is to create some kind of barrier between them and others that aren’t on your property.

By strategically installing a fence or various fences around your property, not only will you be able to ensure that your kids stay in your yard while playing outside, but you’ll also be able to protect them from people or animals who might approach them had the fence not been there. Additionally, Don Vandervort, a contributor to, shares that you should also fence off areas that you don’t want your kids to play in, like around pools or hot tubs. 

Keep An Eye On The Weather And Environment

Being aware of what’s always in your yard is just part of what it takes to keep your kids safe in that area. Because your yard is outside, you also need to be aware of how the weather or the natural environment around your yard could potentially cause harm to your kids.

Dr. Karen Gill, a contributor to, shares that each season has its own safety issues that you need to protect your kids from when playing outside. In the winter, you need to ensure they’re dressed for whatever cool temperatures they’ll be outside in. During summer, keeping them cool, out of the sun, and protected from summer lightning storms should be your priority. 

If you want to allow your kids to play outside in your yard, consider using the tips mentioned above to help keep them safe while doing so.