When you are relaxing at home, you want to know you’re in a safe environment and aren’t in danger. Unfortunately, there can be a number of health hazards that lurk in your home, many of which aren’t detected until someone in the family develops symptoms, or you come across them when renovating your house. 

Here are some signs that you may have a hidden health hazard within your property.

  • Asbestos

It’s crazy to think how much asbestos was once used in homes and public buildings, and although it is mostly found in homes built pre-1980, it’s technically still legal in the USA. Asbestos can lurk in many areas of the home, and some home inspectors will check for it when they carry out a report before you buy a property. 

However, if you are still worried that you may have asbestos in old fittings find a local removal specialist and ask for a check. 

  • Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide leaks can be caused by a number of household appliances, especially if they’re old, poorly maintained or don’t have any ventilation. The scary thing is that carbon monoxide is odorless, so unlike a gas leak, you can’t tell it’s happening without a detector. Many people will feel like they have the flu, a migraine or another illness, only later finding out that it’s because of carbon monoxide poisoning, and kids are the most at risk. Fit detectors with alarms and test them regularly, replacing the batteries twice a year.

  • Mold

People often assume that they’ll notice if they have mold, as they’ll see the spores on their walls. However, the spores are often the last thing to appear, so by the time they arrive, you may have a serious issue on your hands. Some people notice they have mold because they often feel sick, with lingering colds or chest infections or even nosebleeds. You may notice a dampness on your walls or a musty smell. If you suspect you have mold, don’t try to clean it yourself as it can be harmful to your health. Look for companies that clean mold, as they can help you address the underlying cause. 

  • Pests

Even if you haven’t seen any creatures scurrying around, there may still be pests in your home. Pests can come in many forms, from rats who invade your kitchen, to pigeons nesting in the attic, and the main hazard that they bring is diseases. If you see any signs of pests, from droppings to bite marks, or if someone in your house has their asthma or eczema triggered, then make sure you get the pest removal professionals out.  To minimize chemicals in the pest control process, consider natural control such as natural pest control Maroochydore.

  • Radon

Radon is a radioactive gas that’s colorless and odorless, and it’s formed naturally from the uranium found in soil and rocks. Certain areas of the USA have a higher radon count, and unless you specifically carry out a radon test before you buy a house, you may not know about it. If you have a high radon level, you need to take precautions such as sealing foundation cracks, creating a gas-permeable layer under flooring, and perhaps installing a radon reduction system, all of which can help reduce the amount of radon entering your home.