When you are standing in the middle of a busy crowd, you naturally start listening to words and conversations that are important to you. Despite the noises that you hear around you, your ear can easily pick up the sound that is somewhat related to you especially when it is your name. According to studies, when people hear their name, something unique triggers in their brain. This is also true when you see and read your name. You feel the joy and excitement because you easily feel connected to it

That is why personalized signs are also considered as great home decor. It gives you that special feeling that connects you to your home. Personalized home decors can be customized to be perfectly suited to your home and your interest as well. There are lots of designs to choose from. You can even work on making your design. You might be interested in putting your last name sign as a hanging decor on your front door. Not just that, even the materials, shapes, sizes, and colors can be customized too. Last name signs can fit whatever style your house has. To help you choose from the popular category, here are the unique wooden designs for your last name sign.

Wooden Cutout Sign

You will never go wrong with cutout signs. It is beautiful for any home style. You can hang your family name, which will be cut out from wood in unique ring design, as a great piece of decor whether on your door or your wall to give your home a countryside vibe.

Printed Canvas Sign

Another idea for your last name sign is a canvas print that resembles wood. Numerous styles and designs are available for you to choose from. You can customize the design to be printed with your last name. Just say what you want and they will do it.

Custom Last Name Sign

Your last name and established date will be outlined beautifully onto a lovely piece of stained wood with the color of your choice. This mix of modern but rustic simple designs can enhance the beauty of your home.

Rustic Last Name Sign

If you want a more rustic feel in your home, have your last name printed directly over a piece of wood. Use a stacked wood to complete your printed designs. The color of the print will depend on what you and your family desire.

Painted Wood Sign

For your outdoor last name sign, you can select the painted wood last name sign. Pair it up with colors and fonts that can add up to the style for a great outdoor sign that can surely catch the eye of your visitors and neighbors.

You can choose between these awesome wooden designs to create a more artistic home but last name signs are not limited to wooden designs. If you are not a fan of wooden decors, you can also check the metal last name sign that could give your home a modern ambiance. Last name sign can also serve as a perfect gift for your friends. Through personalized gifts, you can make them feel that they are special and loved.