If you have a small bathroom in your home, a walk-in shower can help you maximize your space without sacrificing a relaxing experience.

Before you start your bathroom remodeling project, there is plenty of beautiful walk-in shower designs for small bathrooms you can consider.

Read on to discover a few amazing ideas that will inspire you and encourage you to give yourself and your bathroom the royal treatment.

Use A Shower Curtain Instead Of Glass Doors

A glass shower door can make your bathroom look elegant, but it can also be intrusive if you’re short on space. For smaller bathrooms, these doors can take up too much room as they swing open and closed.

Instead of glass, try a simple shower curtain instead. One perk to choosing shower curtains is that they’re easy to swap out whenever you want to change the look or style of your bathroom.

Fabric shower curtains are easy to clean and most are machine-washable for easy care. Glass doors can be tougher to keep clean since you’ll have to contend with soap scum and other issues.

Try A Floating Vanity For Walk-In Shower Designs For Small Bathrooms

Instead of the traditional vanity, try a floating style instead to make your smaller bathroom appear larger. These modern vanities are attached to the wall and leave an open space underneath to maximize floor space.

You can also install a floating vanity that has a shelf underneath to give you more storage. These sleek vanities look unique and contemporary, and they’ll make your small bathroom look a lot bigger than it really is.

Floating vanities come in a variety of materials, color choices, and designs. Look for one that suits your style and install it next to your walk-in shower so you can enjoy it in your small bathroom for years to come. 

Use Online Tools To Design Your Space

When you’re considering some new walk-in shower designs for small bathrooms, try an online bathroom designer tool. These resources give you the chance to envision what your shower and bathroom will look like using a variety of materials and finishes.

With the help of a visualization tool, it’s much easier to plan a remodeling job or to map out a budget. These unique tools make it simple to tweak things until you find the perfect shower design that will suit your needs.

You can plan things like the color of the tile, the layout of your shower, and much more with an online design planner. The software can show you what different colors and patterns will look like as well as how to best maximize your small space to make it work for you.

Try Large-Scale Patterns 

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, swap out small tile and fabric patterns for large ones. Use wide, long ceramic tile on the walls and floor of your walk-in shower that will make it visually seem a lot larger than it really is.

Small, intricate patterns can make your bathroom feel closed-in and tiny. Switch things up by using striped tile patterns, oversized florals for the shower curtain, or just use solid colors instead of dramatic designs. Learn more about shower tile designs at decorhomeideas.com.

When you consider patterns and colors, stick to lighter tones whenever possible. Dark tile or dark-colored rugs and paint colors can make your small bathroom look and feel even smaller, which can create a feeling of being claustrophobic.

Make the Most Of Shower Storage

It goes without saying that smaller bathrooms are probably short on storage. You can make the most of your situation by taking advantage of the height of your walk-in shower.

Look for shower caddies that feature several shelves attached to a center pole you can install in the corner of your shower. This will give you plenty of space to stash items like shampoo, soaps, and conditioners for easy access.

Try any type of in-shower storage that goes vertical to give you more room to keep your goods in one place. Built-in cubbies are another great way to give you easy storage without compromising storage you might need elsewhere in the bathroom such as a place for linens.

Create A Seamless Visual Flow

Instead of mixing and matching colors and patterns, try to create a sense of flow with your bathroom materials. Use the same finishes throughout the space to keep it from feeling disjointed. An option such as shower wall panels help to form a cohesive look.

You can install marble tile inside your walk-in shower as well as on the floor to give the room a cohesive look. When you mix and match too many things, it will make the bathroom feel too “busy” and overwhelming.

A visual flow will help your walk-in shower and the entire bathroom seem larger and more inviting. You can change things up with different colors, but try to stick to one main color in various shades rather than using too many different hues in this small space.

Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom

Try these walk-in shower designs for small bathrooms to help make your space seem much larger than it really is. Whether you choose a shower curtain instead of glass or use a floating vanity, do your best to get the most out of the room you have.

Try a bathroom designer tool to help you pick out colors and materials before you begin your bathroom remodeling project. When you maximize your space and create a visually larger room, it’s easy to create a bathroom you’ll enjoy.

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