It’s no secret that windows add value to your home. After all, they allow light in that provides the rooms of your house with natural illumination, which helps elevate mood and creates the illusion of greater space.

When windows are dirty, the beauty of external light is diminished, and the appearance of dirty windows can become extremely unattractive. That’s why you need to keep your windows as clean as possible.

This article takes a look at effective ways of cleaning glass windows. Keep reading to learn great tips for using non-toxic cleaners and other techniques so that your home will look amazing.

Liquid Dish Detergent

Let’s talk about some of the supplies you’ll need for making your windows really shine.

Believe it or not, one of the best supplies for taking your windows to the next level is liquid dish detergent. That’s right, the same kitchen product that gets dried food and grease off your fine China is also perfect for windows.

Do the earth a favor by using a dish detergent that’s 100% biodegradable so that you won’t harm outdoor plans. This will also protect any toddlers or pets who decide it would be fun to lick the glass.


The next item to add to your list of window cleaning supplies is vinegar. This is a natural product that offers a variety of common household uses, including the ability to make glass shine.

Vinegar is basically acetic acid, which is effective at cutting through grease and won’t streak, making it an affordable way and highly efficient cleaning product. 

Simply use a bucket to make a solution containing 50% white vinegar and 50% tap water, and you’ll be ready to get to work.


You’ll also need a good squeegee. These can be found at any hardware store for under $10 and will help produce streak-free results. Look for a squeegee with a 12 to 14-inch blade, and it’s a good idea to keep an extra blade or two on hand in case the first one begins to warp or peel.

Paint Can Opener

You can buy a paint can open for next to nothing at just about any local hardware store, Walmart, or even Dollar Tree. 

Why would you need a paint can opener for washing windows? Because it makes the perfect tool for popping out window screens, thus saving you from broken fingernails and endless frustration.

Razor Blade, Rags, and Steel Wool

Here are a few more useful supplies needed for the task of cleaning your windows.

A razor blade is useful for removing tacky paint overspray and other gunk from window glass, window screen, and the window casement. The key is to keep the glass wet and install a new blade for each window.

You’ll also need rags for doing the job right. One damp rage and one dry rage. These are for tidying up are you scrab away any gunk along the way.

Next, steel wool is ideal for removing various types of stains such as adhesive residue and tree sap that can build up over time. Try to use a #0000 for best results, then simply lubricate the wool with a spritz of Windex, or similar brand of cleaner, and gently buff away any unsightly stains.

Cleaning Around the Edges

Before jumping right in on shining your window glass, you’ll need to scrape away any dirt or gunk from the window casement. The purpose of doing this first is so that you won’t get any of the tree sap or adhesive particulars on your clean glass.

Gently scrape around the edges of the glass, and on the casement. Once you are satisfied, you can then use a spoon to clean out the larger pieces before tidying up with a brush or and a damp rag.

Keep in mind that corners can be very tricky. These are areas where you might need to devote extra time and energy to really digging in to remove accumulated dust, dirt, mildew, or other forms of nastiness and discoloration.

Bucket and Cleaning Solution

Now it’s time to making your soapy solution by mixing your dish detergent and white vinegar with water in a mop bucket. You can also add rubbing alcohol or ammonia for even better results.

Defuzz the Window Glass

Take a few minutes to prep the glass with a lint roller. This is especially important if you live in an area with cottonwood trees, which are famous shedding fuzz. Cleaning the glass with a lint roller will help prevent the messy stuff on your screens and glass from clumping in your water solution.

This tip is especially important when cleaning these folding glass doors.

Cleaning the Glass

Now that your window is prepped, dip your sponge into the cleaning solution and thoroughly scrub the glass surface.

Take your time and make sure to cover every inch of the surface area from corner to corner. Make sure to keep your sponge nice and soapy during the process in order to help prevent scratching.

It’s also important to be continuously ringing out the old dirty water from your sponge. This will ensure that only clean water is coming into contact with the surface you are cleaning.

Now also you need to do is rinse, and then dry the surface with a clean dry cloth in order to prevent streaking. 

Helpful Tips For Cleaning Glass Windows

Keeping your windows clean will help make your home look amazing. The key is understanding the proper steps for the cleaning process. Fornutaenly, the tips contained here for cleaning glass windows will make the process a breeze.

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