Did you know that there are around 28,000 psychiatrists in America?

Although any psychiatrist is trained to help everyone, each doctor can have a different specialty or treatment method. 

Have you ever wondered, “How can I find the best psychiatrist near me?” Keep reading for 5 tips on how to find a good psychiatrist.

1. Think About Your Preferences

Learning how to find a psychiatrist who’s right for you involves a lot of reflecting on your needs and preferences. Are you more comfortable seeing a man or a woman? Can you relate to someone who’s closer to your age or do you want an older psychiatrist who has many years of experience?

Since there are many different treatment styles, it’s also important to consider which style is most productive for you. Some psychiatrists offer group sessions while others prefer to ask you lots of questions about your childhood and history. Learning about the different types of psychotherapy can help you decide which is best for you.

2. Consider Looking for Specialities

Aside from having different treatment styles, psychiatrists can also specialize in specific types of conditions. For example, a medication assisted therapy center can help people who are struggling with addiction. Before you try to find a psychiatrist, take some time to consider if you’d benefit from seeing a professional who works with a lot of people who have similar needs as you.

3. Do Your Research Online

The internet is one of the best places to find a psychiatrist. Not only can you read other people’s reviews on doctors in your area, but you can learn everything you need to know about their credentials, treatment styles, and much more. If you feel like you’ve found a great match after you’ve researched a psychiatrist’s business website, you can think about booking an appointment with them.

4. Ask for Recommendations

Do you know any family or friends who are open about going to therapy? If so, you can ask them about their experiences and who they’re seeing. If their doctor sounds like someone who could also help you, then you can do more research on their practice online.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking about therapy with your loved ones, you can also ask your primary care physician for recommendations.

5. Schedule a Consultation

Once you’ve found a psychiatrist you feel confident about seeing, the next step is to book your first appointment. If you have any questions for them, be sure to write them down so you don’t forget.

After your first session, you should have a good feel for their character and whether or not you think they can help you. If you ever have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact the next psychiatrist on your list to see if they’re a better fit.

Now You Know How to Find a Good Psychiatrist

Now that you know how to find a good psychiatrist, you can make your mental health a priority.

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