Waxing, tweezing and threading hurt the most, and you cannot do anything but yell at your beautician. Unwanted hair comes back in a few days, and you will have to repeat the process again and bear the pains removing the hairs. These procedures hurt very much and cost you a lot of time during a week. Isn’t laser hair removal better than traditional ways of removing hairs?

Laser hair removal is the procedure of hair removal in which hairs are exposed to the pulse of the laser that devastates the hair follicles. This technique took twenty years of experimentation in the labs before it was commercially announced safe and beneficial.  Laser hair removals are commonly done laser hair procedures, mostly undertaken by working ladies who find hair removal a massive and irritating task of the week. 

How is hair removed?

The beams of laser light concentrate upon the hair follicles. Pigments in the hair follicles absorb the beam of the light, and hairs are destroyed. 

Why Should You Go For Laser Hair Removal?

Other than convenience, there are also many other reasons why you should give preference to laser hair removal. Here they are:

  1. Laser Hair Removal Gives Precise Results: The laser technique has the precision that targets the hairs of the skin only, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged and unhurt. 
  2. Permanent Hair Loss: You will never have to pay for laser hair removal after an average of 3-7 hair removal laser treatments.  Most patients experience permanent hair loss after an average of three to seven sessions with the specialist. 
  3. High Speed: Each pulse of the laser light performs its task in a few seconds, targeting a number of hairs in a single second. The laser light targets a quarter size of skin every second and removes hair instantly. The laser treatment takes a minute for the smaller areas such as the upper lip, and you may have to spend an hour on the bed if you are getting hairs of your arms and legs removed. So, laser hair removal has high speed and produces effective results. 
  4. Comforting and Painless Treatment: Tweezing, threading, and waxing hurt a lot when your hairs are ripped by the roots. Bikini line waxing particularly and private parts waxing are very painful. Laser hair removal procedure ensures that your hairs are removed smoothly and painlessly.
  5. Results May Last Long: Laser hair removal is very beneficial in the sense that its results last for three months, or six months depending upon the treatment you may choose. 
  6. Saving a Lot of Time and Energy: Whether you spend most of your time at home working or at the office, you find hair removal very time-consuming. Laser hair removal procedure saves you a lot of time and energy in a week. 

Laser Hair Removal Cost In India:

The standard laser hair removal cost in India is the 7, 500 and 25, 000 which may include four to five sessions. The cost of hair removal sessions depends on different factors, including your skin size and hair growth. The cost of laser hair removal had been set up by specialists in the field. There may be different packages available in the Clinic of your choice, which may offer you a great discount. 

Factors that Influence Laser Hair Removal Costs in India:

You need to know factors that influence the price range, so that you may not be looted by greedy clinics and specialists. You may also need to know the factors of laser hair removal cost to determine the price of the treatment particularly for you:

  • The Size of Your Target Area:

The size of the target area will determine how many numbers of sessions you will require, which will have an effect on your bills. If you want to remove your upper lip area hairs, it will definitely cost you less. Chest, hands, arms, legs and other parts of the body will take a good number of sessions compared to the upper lip. Thus, the size of your target area will determine your costs. 

  • The number of Hair Laser Treatment Sessions:

The more the number of sessions, the more you need to spend on your laser hair removal procedure. The price is determined directly by the number of laser hair treatment sessions required. If you want to remove the hair of a body part only in a single treatment, then it will cost you less and a few sessions. However, 6 to 8 sessions are required for full body hair treatment. 

The volume of each laser hair removal procedure will vary from one person to another, so the price range may differ from one person to another. Now, you should be able to determine your full body hair removal cost. 

  • Your Skin Tone Matters

If you have a darker skin tone type, it will definitely cost you more because darker skin tone type requires more number of sessions than fair skin tone type. 

  • Laser Equipment Type

The type of laser equipment technology you use on your body parts determines the overall cost incurred. The common laser equipment types include Diode, Suprano ICE, Alexandrite Lasers and ND YAG. After a thorough and critical examination of your case, your specialist will choose the laser equipment for your procedure. Expensive equipment costs highly. 

  • Men require More Number of Sessions

As we know that men require hard bleaching and hard creams for their coarse skin, similarly their coarse hairs also need the number of sessions compared to the women’s hair removal sessions. 

Clinics and Specialist Chosen

Some clinics offer high prices because of high success rates and a good reputation. Specialists, who have accolades and degrees from the highly reputed medical institutions, charge more than conventional prices of the market. 


The laser hair removal cost in India depends upon different factors, which may include your skin tone type, laser equipment type, the number of sessions and the size of the area that is targeted. You must choose clinics and specialists who are credible, authentic and have a good reputation within the area.