Are you thinking about changing your career as a mom? Finding the right balance between fulfilling what you need to do for yourself as well as keeping your family happy and being there for your children can be quite a balancing act!

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Whether you have worked right through raising a family or you are heading back to work after taking a break. It all comes with its own challenges but this could be the start of a new career path for you!

There is no denying that becoming a parent can introduce you to a whole new skill set you didn’t think you possessed. As well as throwing you into many an unexpected situation! So why not use your experiences to find a career that you will love and you can continue to practise as your family grows and changes over the years.

Have you ever thought about entering the medical field? There are so many rewarding roles in medicine that can be perfect for parents to train in no matter how old their children are.

Let’s have a look at  3 different roles where your parenting skills can help you build a new career for the long term!


In many ways, nursing is a great career for parents. Spending your time looking after other people is a calling and one that a lot of parents can relate to. A rewarding yet challenging career option, choosing to train as a nurse can be perfect for many people, not just parents.

For those already in the nursing field, you may find you want to look at changing direction. Why not look at online nurse practitioner programs to help you build and grow your career at a pace that suits you.

Social worker.

Social work can be hard. Depending on the area you choose to train in, you can see the best and the worst of situations. But you can be there to help, guide and nurture those who need it the most when they need it the most.

If you find that being a parent has helped you discover this side of you, then training in social care can be the perfect role for you. Use your ‘mom’ skills and apply them to a job role to give you an edge when it comes to helping people.


Are you constantly mediating arguments between your children? Of do you your friends frequently come to you for your level headed advice? Then have you ever considered a future in therapy?

If you are relatively calm and good at pushing aside the drama to focus on the real issue, then becoming a therapist could be the vocation for you. There are so many areas to train in, you can find something that is pas perfect fit for your unique skill set and personality. This will allow you to build a new career that you can continue to practise even when your family is fully grown.

There is no denying that all of these options will require lengthy training however, for those suited to the roles, you can find something you may not have ever known was missing from your life!