Did you know that aquarium-watching can reduce anxiety and stress? To make it even more enjoyable, consider adding a mix of fish to your tank.

Are you worried about having carnivorous fish? Many pet owners are! They wonder: “What can you feed fish who eat meat?”

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Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll explore food for carnivorous fish.

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What Are Carnivorous Fish?

A carnivorous fish has a large mouth with pointy teeth. They also have larger stomachs and a short digestive tract compared to omnivores.

These types of fish are predators and enjoy chasing their prey. Some carnivorous fish are scavengers, feeding on insects, crustaceans, and larvae.

If you have a carnivorous fish, they will need a protein-filled diet. You can either pick up meat or live fish for them to eat. Examples of meat-eating fish include killifish, pipefish, piranhas, and even betta fish.

How Much Protein?

All types of fish will need some protein. A carnivorous fish’s entire diet should include up to 70% protein. They will also need a small number of carbohydrates for energy and fat to insulate their bodies.

Most of the time, carnivorous fish can’t digest a lot of carbohydrates. The plant matter in the tank should be enough.


You can pick up insects like tubifex worms, white worms, or blood worms. They are available both frozen and live.

Take note that some worms carry diseases. Make sure you wash them well before you give them to your fish to eat.

Live Fish

You can grow some live foods at home, like micro-worms. For fish, you can also give them a mix of cooked, frozen, or live fish. Giving them fish to hunt can help encourage your fish to get some exercise and keep them healthy. 

You can also pick up brine shrimp. They are a bit more expensive but are some of the best live foods you can give your fish. A cheaper option is picking up frozen brine shrimp.

Most meats are off-limits for your fish because they are too fatty. But, you can feed them beef hearts with the fat trimmed off. 

Feeder Fish

Feeder fish are bred for feeding purposes. They are cheap, but are often produced in bad conditions. This could introduce disease in your tank. These fish also don’t have a lot of nutritional value.

If you do try feeder fish, make sure you quarantine them for up to a week before you place them in your tank.

Other Possibilities

A popular choice is Daphnia. These cladoceran crustaceans aren’t available in most stores, but you can find them at a local fish club. You can even start breeding them on your own. Check out copepods for sale.

Consider giving your carnivorous fish supplements or dried foods.

What Can You Feed Fish Who Are Meat-Eaters? Now You Know the Answer! 

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