Australia is a beautiful country, with mild weather all year round, often very hot in the summer months, plenty of stunning widespread beaches, huge bustling cities and of course the famous outback which is a popular place for backpackers. If you already live in Australia you will appreciate the beauty and the weather however, if you’re thinking of moving to Canada, there are things you need to know before you go or before you apply for your visa. Canadian culture may be a shock to those who live outside of the country. The weather for one will be the biggest change. However if you’re moving to Canada from Australia you may find that things will be a little different. 

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Canada is a stunning country and has many benefits to living there, it has an exceptionally good quality of life and medicine is also very good. You can make the perfect home here but there are some things you need to look at before making up your mind. 

  1. The weather will be extreme –  Many other places in the world have mild seasons without any extremes but in Canada the temperatures vary greatly, anything from -40C in the winter to 40C in the summer and you will need to be prepared for every eventuality. It is actually a fact that in December 2017, daytime temperatures in Toronto were colder than the surface of Mars which is why you will need to invest in a good winter jacket that is not used by the rest of the world but one that will be the best for Canadian cold weather.
  2. Summer is done well in Canada – you will find that Canadian inhabitants are thrilled by summer. It’s goodbye to the freezing cold weather of the winter and looking forward to a warm summer which is not often hot but it will feel incredibly warm compared to the iciness of winter. Summer is a great time to visit Canada and if you are wanting to live there, you will find everyone’s spirits are raised during this time! 
  3. Politeness -if you’re used to living in a city such as London or Paris where people are often ignored and kindness goes unnoticed, then you will need to change your ways when you move to Canada. Politeness is everything and it will be looked down upon heavily if you forget to say please or thank you. In fact, you will likely get a few dirty looks and possibly snide comments from people who will find you very rude. Something to remember if you’re looking to live here, there may be a culture shock.
  4. Health care is free BUT – health care is generally free, a little like the UK and the NHS, it is funded by the government but you will find that there are hidden extras such as dentistry and certain medicines, so it’s important to have a pot aside for this in case you need to use the medical system. It’s good to pay into a medical fund which will help you pay for those extras but it is worth budgeting for before you go. 
  5. Tipping is very important – very similar to the USA, you will find you need to tip in restaurants, salons and taxis. It is expected in fact. Restaurant servers in some provinces make less than minimum wage, so they really do appreciate any additional tips they receive to make ends meet. 

Are you still excited to move to Canada? There are lots of benefits of living there, there are a good amount of jobs and the country itself is incredibly beautiful, plenty to explore. Canadian companies often hire immigrants as they can’t find the necessary workforce among the locals. For this purpose, they need to apply for LMIA and meet all the requirements. If you are interested and want to find additional information about LMIA employer requirements (obtenez des informations supplémentaires sur les exigences de l’employeur en matière d’EIMT) you can explore immigration service websites or just turn to an immigration officer.

Let’s take a look further at some other things to consider. Obtaining a visa may be tricky and you will need all the necessary documents to be sure to check that you have all you need. 

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  1. You may need to retake your drivers test – Canada is very strict on road rules and they want only the safest of drivers on their streets. The process for applying for a provincial driver’s licence varies depending on where you’re moving from but it’s a good idea to check out what will be law in your new home. For example, French-heritage civil law regulates the juridical legal system of Quebec. Therefore, if you happen to need a lawyer, they must be French-speaking. Luckily for you, you can always contact Avocat SaintJérôme office for a consultation with a criminal lawyer.
  2. Modesty is key in Canada – Canadians are very humble and they detest showoffs. Being rich may be a benefit to you and something you’re proud of, they do not like you to display your wealth publicly and be flashy in the slightest. It will stop you from earning the respect of others and may even be seen as bragging. Be modest and humble and show that you’re a hard worker and nothing else. 
  3. They like their privacy – they take their privacy very seriously and although they are friendly and polite, they can be very formal even between families. They do not enjoy people turning up unannounced and can be a little more socially withdrawn which may be considered as odd to other people. Take time to nurture friendships and remember to respect their privacy in every way. 
  4. It’s pricey! It is certainly one of the world’s most expensive countries to live in. Vancouver has been named the country’s most expensive and is exceptionally expensive in comparison to other countries. You must be prepared for this and ensure you have the funds to keep you going. If you have a job to go to already, that is good but also remember that the cost of living is very high. Eating out, going to the shops, the cinema, running your car and the cost of houses can be off putting. 
  5. Phones are expensive – keeping your phone going can be quite expensive! Service providers in Canada are among the most expensive in the world, so keeping in communication may cost a pretty penny, including your WiFi costs.

Canada is full of wonder, but there are plenty of things to remember before moving there. Make a list of the pros and cons and certainly you will find many brilliant pros to moving to this fantastic country.