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Comfort zones exist in almost all categories of our life. We know what kind of people we enjoy being around, the diet we are happiest in, and perhaps the daily schedule we repeat. However, when this comes to the truly freeing and expressive travel experiences we curate, we can rely on our comfort zones too heavily. Studies show that when given an overwhelming amount of choice, most people default to the options they are most familiar with.

This is why a beach in Hawaii can often seem like a beach experience in Greece, even though almost all other variables can be shifted. This is where our ‘travel comfort zone’ can blind us from seeing the beauty of variability as we journey from place to place. Once you have a handle on your travel stress, you may wish to properly consider your travel comfort zone, and make strides towards expanding it.

This can seem like a scary prospect at first, particularly if you’re unused to this pursuit. Yet with the following advice, you’ll have little trouble:

Usual Means Of Travel

We can often find that our usual means of travel become a little boring. If you’re used to flying economy, it might be that budgeting for a higher degree of travel option as a treat can be great for the honeymoon or celebratory trip you’re experiencing. You may also wish to use boat for rent services to help you explore the coastline of a beautiful city such as Miami, allowing you to see said location from an entirely new vantage point. You’d be surprised just how effective and enjoyable a renewed effort in this direction can be.

Too-Corporate A Vacation

Too often we can fall into an overly corporate viewpoint when traveling abroad. Taking the time to shop in family-owned businesses, to bring your tourist purchasing power to authentic restaurants, asking the locals for the best places to visit and avoiding too-corporate package deals can help you actually the breadth of the city rather than limiting yourself to a minor expression of it. This, in itself, can help you move on outside of your usual travel comfort zone and enjoy a more reliable direction going forward.

Solo Expeditions

A solo expedition can be everything you dream of and more, but first you need to plan it out carefully. Consider how you might decide to explore a city by yourself, or perhaps go interrailing through a few countries, or if you hope to seek employment in a certain area through a hostel scheme. Once you find your potential path and the experience you would hope to have, traveling solo can be an absolutely amazing time, and it can truly help you dispel your travel anxieties. When you’re solo you have an immediacy and honesty when it comes to meeting people, planning the content of your days and trying to be a new, better you. Odds are, you will learn plenty about yourself during this process.

With this advice, we hope you can beat and expand that travel comfort-zone in more ways than one.