The first-day experience in a day care can be a bit apprehensive, as to understand how the child will feel, how the child will handle the other place away from the comfort zone of their own house; similarly, the parents also go through a lot of separation anxiety. But to balance the workplace and the child care the parents become bounded to take the help of the child care service providing agencies. To give the best service to the parents and the kids, these centres offer different types of services so that the kids adjust with them in an easy and comfortable manner. The professionals also take care of the development of the kids in the centres. The following facilities of the service centres can help you and your kids to adjust in the childcare service centre soon. 

Below are some points that help your child to adjust with friendly childcare service:

  • Gradual transition: If the day-care or childcare allows the same, allow the transition time to increase gradually every day. This will not only be a smooth transition, but also the child will be able to adjust to the new environment quickly. If this is the first time that the child is visiting a childcare, you need to check as to how he/she is reacting to the new environment. You can check with the teacher and work with the teacher by finding out a suitable transition timeline that will push the child a little more time every day, and the child will be comfortable as well.
  • Visiting together: This is helpful for the children who are visiting childcare for the first time. You can definitely go ahead and ask the authorities if you can stay back in the classroom of your child or at the playground. This will not only help you as a parent and the child to feel comfortable and safe but also encourage the child to adjust to the new environment quickly.
  • Setting the expectation for the child: Children can see through us very easily, so if you are trying to create some hypothetical situation for the child in the childcare service, it might backfire. Instead of that explain and talk to the child as what activities he/she might experience, or may be a few details of the daily schedule. This practice might help the child to adjust quickly.
  • Saying goodbye confidently: Saying goodbye confidently makes the child feel safe in the new environment, else if you seem to be upset or anxious while leaving the child, this, in turn, will increase more anxiety in the child, thus making him/her feel that it is not a safe place for them to stay. Nothing can be tougher than to leave a crying child in a new environment for a parent, however children tend to calm down very quickly after their parents leave. 

Along with these steps, the childcare service also needs to take care of certain things to make the new place a friendly childcare service for both the parent and the child:

  • Review from clients: understand the concerns of the parents as they leave their child in the childcare service for long hours of the day. Interact with the parents and understand their concerns. Request for feedback and reviews from the client that will not only help to improving your services also help in making the new environment a better place for the children.
  • Get trained staff: Getting trained staff in the institution will not only retail good customer but also make the environment friendlier for the children. Hire stuffs who are more approachable, happy and friendly. Thus the parents will feel safer leaving their child in the care.
  • Clean and safe: As children are always curious about everything, it is always advisable to keep the place clean and safe for the kids to play around.
  • Understand kids in the care: It takes a lot of work to plan activities for the kids for every day. Understanding the kids and their interest will not only keep them engaged during the day, but also make it a fun learning experience for them. 

Thus we can see that not only the parents need to adjust, but the childcare services also need to make necessary arrangements so that the place becomes friendly and comfortable.