You can still remember that magical day you and your partner said, “I do.”

That day which changed your life forever, beginning a chapter of marital bliss.

At least, for a while. Now, you’re worried that you’re married to an addict and your partner is almost unrecognizable.

One in seven people will struggle with substance addiction, so the situation is more common than you may think.

Want to learn what to look out for? Keep reading to learn the top five warning signs.

1. They Look for Excuses to Get Away

Most spouses share everything.

So when that outgoing and fun-loving behavior gives way to sneaking around and half-baked excuses, you may start to suspect that something is going on.

Trust your instincts. This is a common behavior among those struggling with addiction.

2. Mood Swings

Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, substances have a profound impact on our brain chemistry.

Alcohol, for instance, is a depressant and can cause your partner to feel sad or lash out.

Likewise, drugs like cocaine provide a quick boost of energy that may result in rapid speech, sudden outgoingness, and lowered inhibitions that can cause them to act in strange ways.

3. Extreme Physical Changes

Not every change is mental, however.

Addiction brings its share of physical signs to look for as well, including:

  • Sudden changes in weight
  • Appetite shift
  • Strange marks on their arms
  • Unexplained bruises
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Patchy or yellowed skin
  • Scratch marks
  • Bags under eyes
  • Collapsed veins

It may seem as though your partner is transforming in front of your eyes.

Each type of addiction comes with its own unique and scary physical changes.

4. Changes in Sleep Patterns

Depending on the substance in question, your partner may begin sleeping more or less.

If your partner is on amphetamines, for instance, they may stay up for days on end.

Meanwhile, excessive amounts of alcohol can have the opposite effect, causing them to sleep for far longer than they usually do.

5. Spending Changes

You’ve crunched the numbers half a dozen times and things still don’t add up.

Your savings account seems to be hemorrhaging money despite your regular deposits.

These spending changes go hand-in-hand with addicts’ newfound sneaky behaviors, so don’t brush them off. Ask questions, both to your spouse and your financial institution.

Help! I’m Married to an Addict

Did any of these warning signs seem familiar?

The situation is far from ideal, but it’s also not as hopeless as you might think.

If you suspect your partner is an addict, it’s time to start looking into drug rehab centers that can provide the kind of medical care your partner needs to overcome their addiction.

While it is a big step to check in to a rehab center, it may be the best option. You may have many questions – do rehab centers allow cell phones? How long will my loved one have to stay there? Can I visit during their stay? All these questions can be answered by reaching out for help.

Help Your Spouse Through Their Addiction

Finding out you’re married to an addict can shatter your world. 

While you’re not responsible for your partner’s sobriety, your support can mean the world to them. Encourage addiction treatment and don’t forget to take care of your well-being.

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