Roughly 25% of the United States population is made up of adults. While all of the adults in the USA are vastly different, there’s one thing that unites most of them… A love for the occasional party.

That’s right! Even adults with responsibilities love to put their hair back and have a good time every now and again.

If you’ve come to that realization and are thinking of throwing a party for your friends, do yourself a favor… Don’t send out invitations until you know which party favors for adults you’re going to invest in.

Party favors can be just about anything that you feel your guests will love to walk away with after your extravaganza winds down. If you have no idea where to start with your party favors, consider the following ideas!

1. Your Secret Sauce

We get it. Telling your party guests that they’ll be getting your secret sauce as they exit your party might raise some eyebrows.

Let us be clear here… When we say that you should give out your secret sauce, we mean that special hot sauce or another fun topping that’s based on a family recipe you’ve been using for decades.

2. Homemade Sweets

Party favors for adults can be as simple as baking a batch of cookies, putting them in a custom grab bag and sending them home with your guests.

If you’re not a cookie fan, you’ve got other options!

Other homemade sweets that make great party favors include brownies, cake, scones and more.

3. Custom Wine Glasses

Cheap wine glasses can be found at just about any big box store. If your guests love vino, consider buying basic wine glasses, dipping their bases in colored wax and writing your friend’s name on the glass’s face.

After all, everybody loves drinking out of a receptacle that was made just for them!

4. Beer Koozies

Are your friends not wine drinkers? If they aren’t, they probably haven’t had good wine yet…

If reshaping your friend’s tastes is a bigger task than you’re looking to undertake, ditch wine glasses and instead, shop custom koozies that your friends can use on their beer cans.

Custom koozies can be embroidered with your friend’s names, a funny joke or anything else.

5. Handmade Tree Ornaments

Depending on when your party is taking place, it may be appropriate to give out custom tree ornaments as party favors for adults. You can find a million resources online that cover how to make all kinds of different ornaments so whipping something special up should be a breeze.

Just be cognizant of your friend’s holiday celebration preferences if you go this route since not everybody celebrates Christmas.

6. A Succulent

Plants are the gifts that keep on giving! Until they die, of course.

Fortunately, succulents are among the most resilient plants in the world. Gift your friends one of these as a party favor, and it’ll likely be around to keep their house well oxygenated for years to come.

7. Private Label Tea

You haven’t lived until you’ve put together your own batch of homemade tea! Tea blends can be comprised of everything from ginger to lemon so you get to be really creative when crafting your custom brew.

Once you come up with a flavor combination that you love, buy empty teabags, fill them and send them home with your guests in a custom tea glass.

8. An Emergency Mimosa Kit

Sometimes we all need a mimosa pick-me-up. You can give your friends the ability to manage whatever crises they’re facing by buying them a personal-sized orange juice and mini champagne bottle.

String those two bad-boys together with a ribbon and you’re good to go!

9. Bath Salts

When did bathing become so boring? Adults these days just step into the shower, rinse off and continue going about their day.

To help bring the fun back into people’s bathing routines, look up a good bath salt recipe online and throw something together. Bath salts can provide several stress-relieving benefits that the adults at your party will be glad to enjoy.

10. A Spiked Hot Cocoa Kit

Grab a jar and fill it with the appropriate amounts of cocoa, sugar and marshmallows. Then, tie two shot-sized bottles of Bailey’s to the jar.

Just like that, you’ll have created a spiked hot cocoa kit for your guests to enjoy on those cold evenings that require a little bit of extra warmth.

11. Candles in Fun Scents

We saved what’s perhaps the most conventional party favor for adults go-to for last – candles or oil burners.

Just about any adult can use candles to brighten up rooms in their homes. They’re also wonderfully cheap to buy or make which is good news for you party-throwers that are on a budget.

If you’re feeling super inspired, find out what each of your party-goer’s favorite scents are. Then, make them a custom candle that’s right up their alley.

The Right Party Favors for Adults Will Take Your Bash to the Next Level

Not many people give out party favors for adults at their parties these days. That’s a shame because we think that they make for a memorable touch at the end of a fun evening.

We hope that our party favor ideas have the wheels turning in your head. If you need more creative party inspiration, don’t hesitate to keep reading the lifestyle content that we have featured on our blog.

Our team uploads new content weekly so no matter when you join us, chances are, we’ll have something exciting for you to read!