When your friends come over to hang out, throw a photo viewing party! Put out some tasty snacks and wine and sit down with your pals, flipping through a book full of pictures featuring all the good times you’ve shared with your girlfriends. If you’re the one who is always behind the shutter, capturing the beautiful moments in yours and your friend’s lives, they will love it when you pull out a photo book with all your best shots. If you want, you can even take pictures off of Facebook that your friends have taken and tagged you in! Sites like Mixbook.com makes it easy to go through the hundreds of pics you have stored up, between your phone and your Facebook, and organize them into a creative layout that is easy to decorate and fun to look at. They have dozens of holiday photo card templates to choose from. 

Keep a Photo Book for Special Occasions and Fun Projects

There are so many things you could use a photo book for because we tend to take pictures of everything we do. All important events in our life can now be immortalized with the help of technology. Printed Memories can help you create stunning photo books in just a click away. The most obvious choice in how to create an awesome photo book might be to fill it up with pics from a recent special event, such as a bridal shower or a birthday party. You could choose one of the more affordable options to keep your budget low such as the paperback version and give your party guests the gift of treasured memories in their own photo book to take home. Fitness lovers can also use a photo book to immortalize their health journey.

If you’re an avid Pinterest-er and have a ton of project photos waiting to be scrapbooked, try uploading them all to a website that can help you turn those pics into a work of art onto themselves. Projects that are very intensive and have a long process would make great photo books. This way, you can show your friends your art, and educate them on the process you undertook to make it. You can also refer back to your book if you ever want to try it again, or want to share how you made it with someone else. The Mixbook photo books’ most affordable option is a lightweight, glossy paperback option that doesn’t need to take up much shelf space so don’t worry about having to relocate any art supplies to make room for your new scrapbook.

Try Scrapbooking Digitally!

It can be very satisfying to spread all of your photos and embellishments out on a big table and get to work with your friends and loved ones, putting together pictures and decorations and sharing each other’s creative vibes. In this modern age, digital access to pictures tends to be easier to come by than actual paper photographs. Of course, you can always go to your favorite local photoshop and print out your favorite pics to take home and play with. Or you can save yourself a trip to the photo counter, and make a digital scrapbook. Hang out with your friends and family on the couch with your laptop and spend an evening going over everything you’ve saved online. Insert your favorites easily into the template you choose together, and voila! Simply submit your order and wait for your gorgeous new modern scrapbook to arrive in the mail.