When you are thinking of living a healthy lifestyle, you may consider using several natural food products. You might want to use CBD to deal with anxiety, pain, or depression. You might start drinking tea because it is good for your body, but you might not have thought of putting these two things together. There is a recipe below for a CBD tea from honesthemp.co.uk that will help you start the day right, help you relax in the middle of the day, and help you calm down at the end of a long day.  Use these five steps to make a tea that you will crave every morning.

Green Tea

1. Choose Your CBD Product

Your CBD tea should feature a CBD product that is water-soluble. You could put oil in your tea, but that oil will not mix with the hot water in the tea. There are many water-soluble CBD liquids and products on the market.

Plus, you may choose to use hemp stems that you bought from your provider. The hemp stems will impart CBD into the tea, and the stems can be removed when the tea is complete. If you want, you can strain the tea after the hot water has extracted all the flavor and oils that the stems have to offer.

You can measure your tea based on how large your mug is, or you can use a half cup of water for each recipe. The idea behind this recipe is to give you CBD in a form that is easy to drink. If you use more water, you will not be able to taste the oils or liquids as much. If you use less water, the solution will be more concentrated than normal.

2. Add A Tea Bag If You Like

You can add a regular green or black tea bag to the mix if you like. The tea bag will not get in the way of the CBD oils in the hemp stems you used, but the tea bag will add a bit of flavor to your tea. Again, you can remove the tea bag when the drink is complete, or you can strain the tea because you used loose leaves.  

3. Add Milk Or Coconut Oil

When your tea is piping hot, you should use milk or coconut oil to help thicken the mixture. Coconut oil has a lovely flavor, and it will add to the mixture in a way that you cannot get from traditional milk. However, coconut oil may have a texture that you do not enjoy because it is thinner than milk.

If you pour milk into your tea, you should add just a dash to begin with. You may add more milk over time, but you want to know what the tea tastes like first. The CBD oil is the best part of this mixture, and some people want to taste that oil after they have made their tea.

4. Add Honey, Guava Syrup, Or Agave

You can add Gold Bee organic honey, agave syrup, or guava syrup to the tea. This is just a sweetener that you can use at any time to make the tea taste better. You may not use the sweetener in the morning because you are still trying to wake up. However, you may want to use the sweetener in the afternoon because you need a bit of a pick-me-up at work.

A sweetener is also a very good way for you to make your tea into a treat at night. Some people might go so far as to add whipped cream to the top of their mug after dinner. Again, this is an optional extra that makes the tea more fun to drink. Drinking the CBD tea by itself is good for you, and adding to it only makes it easier to drink if you do not like unsweetened tea.

5. Sprinkle On A Treat

You can sprinkle on extra teats like vanilla or cocoa powder when the tea is complete. Vanilla and cocoa powder do not add sweetness to the tea, but they add a specific flavor that you might like. Add cocoa powder if you are used to drinking coffee in the morning. Add vanilla if the scent of vanilla helps wake you up, or add both if you want to make the drink as te more like a specialty beverage from a coffee shop.

You may start drinking CBD tea with every meal because it is healthier than soda or coffee. You can replace your morning coffee because coffee is so expensive. You can drink CBD tea at night with a glass of water, or you can use CBD tea as a way to improve your diet because you have started using shakes and smoothies to replace meals.


The CBD tea that you created using these simple steps will help you manage your anxiety, combat depression, and even increase your metabolism. You can use CBD tea because you do not want to take a tincture every morning, or you might enjoy the process of steeping hemp stems in the morning. CBD tea can make your home smell great, give you some energy, and replace your morning coffee. This is a healthy way to change your lifestyle and adjust your diet.