There may come a time when you find you need to purge unnecessary possessions from your home in a hurry. Maybe company is coming, or you’ve decided to place your home on the market. Or maybe you’re just grown weary of seeing so much stuff lying around everywhere you turn.

Decluttering isn’t just beneficial for you and your home. Living with less is also good for the environment. Here’s how to declutter your house in one day.

Start With the Floor

If you’re unable to move from one room to the next without tripping on or bumping into something, then the floor is a good place to start in your decluttering process. Remove everything that doesn’t belong there, such as footwear, toys, and reading material. Once the floor is no longer a hazard, you’ll be able to move about the room with ease to tidy up the rest of it.

Remove the Trash

Junk mail, takeout food containers, and other debris should be removed immediately from a room. As you enter each room, you may want to just tote a trash bag around to dispose of waste.

If things have gotten really bad, and you have a lot of trash that may include items that cannot be disposed of curbside, hire a same-day rubbish removal service.

Focus on One Room at a Time

Concentrate your efforts on one room at a time. The sense of accomplishment you’ll gain from decluttering one space will encourage you to continue with the next.

And when it comes to working on one room, it also helps to focus on decluttering one area of it at a time. You may want to tackle a messy desktop or bookshelf, for example. Resist the urge to move onto another space in the room until you’re satisfied with decluttering the first one.

Put Things Back Where They Belong

It’s easy to mess up a living space by throwing items onto the floor or other areas instead of storing them properly.

As you declutter each room, put out-of-place items where they belong. Clothing should be in the closet instead of hanging on exercise equipment, and toys should be in the kids’ rooms or family room.

Designate Items to Give Away, Recycle, and Dispose Of

Grab some large laundry baskets or bins and designate them into three categories: sell/give away, recycle, and trash. As you declutter each room, you’ll want to place unwanted items in each of these three bins.

When you’re done decluttering, you’ll want to follow through to make sure these items leave your home. Hold a yard sale, or sell items that can still be used on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay. Recycle old electronics, magazines, and clothing.

Ask Yourself If You Really Need Something

One key to successful decluttering is being able to let go of unnecessary items, even if they have some sentimental value. Clothing that has never been worn should be donated or sold so someone else can get use out of it. Anything that is rarely or never used should be removed from the home.

Now You Know How to Declutter Your House In One Day

Know how to declutter your house in one day by following these tips. Take a break once in a while as well to give yourself a pat on the back and revel in your progress.

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Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels