Have you made up your mind that you will give up your baby for adoption? Although a guilty feeling might visit you once in a while, remember that you are about to take that step in the best interest of your child. However, the child adoption process is usually complex, and more complicated if you don’t have an expert to guide you through. Many people don’t know how to put a baby up for adoption. However, with the help of an experienced, licensed and reputable adoption agency like Colores Adoptions, they are familiarized with the process and get any relevant help they need.

The steps involved

If you are a birth (expectant) parent and you’d like us to help you in putting your baby up for adoption, there are numerous steps that we’ll get you through. The procedure is not only meant to ensure that the adoption process is compliant with the relevant regulations but also to make sure that your child gets the best adoptive family. Here are the steps:

  • Reviewing your decision

The first thing we’d like to know about your decision to transfer your parental obligation to another person is the reason behind it. Is it because of financial constraints? Is it because the baby is out of an unwanted pregnancy? We’ll also want to know the age of the child (if born) or the period of pregnancy (if unborn). Then, we’ll be interested in knowing the traits of the family or individual you’d want to be the new parents of your child. Also, the information about your desired form of adoption will be of interest to us. The information will help us to understand you better and provide you with informed advice where necessary.

  • Legal rights and obligation education

Upon knowing why you want to place your child for adoption, the ideal adoptive parent (s) according to you and how you’d like the child to be adopted, we’ll familiarize you with your legal rights and obligations a birth parent. You’ll get to know what you can or are supposed to do or not to do, depending on your situation and the relevant state or country laws. It is also important for us to know about the other parent at this stage. If he/she is alive, we’ll need to bring him or her on board. He/she has his parental right over the child too and so, if you will proceed with the adoption plan, his/her consent on the subject matter will be needed.  

  • Helping you make an informed decision

Considering your situation, the age of your child, your preferences and legal rights/obligations as a parent (s), we’ll help you make the best decision. We’ll take you through various child adoption plans and help you choose the most appropriate one for your satisfaction and the child’s best interest. If adoption is not the best or appropriate, we will point out to you the other options you can explore, including guardianship.

We’ll also take you through the profiles of the adoptive families who match your expectations for your kid. You can also get a chance to interact with the family or person you choose to transfer your parental role to and get to have basic information about their background. 

However, although we’ll be very involved in the process, it’s important to note that we’ll be just giving you guidance- you’ll be fully in charge of your decisions.  

  • Signing of consent documents

Now that you’ve made up your mind and pointed out the best adoption plan and family for your child, it’s now time to put your consent to the adoption in writing. You’ll do this in the presence of a notary or a judge. However, before signing, we’ll take you through the consent documents to ensure that you fully understand the content for prudent action. In case you need legal help, we can hook you up with a reputable and friendly attorney to clear any doubt you might have concerning the documents. 

It’s important to note that upon signing the consent forms, it is legally considered that you have allowed the adoptive parent (s) to take over some/or all your parental roles and rights. Nevertheless, you’ll be given a brief for the revocation of your decision. Otherwise, your decision will be considered permanent. 

  • Post-adoption counseling

Separating with your child is not a smooth experience, and we understand that. To help you overcome the resulting agony and sadness, we’ll take you through a series of counseling sessions until you are stable emotionally. 


Colores Adoptions makes the adoption process as easy and painless as possible. Contact us today for further clarification for any concerns you might have on how to put a baby up for adoption through us.