Hope is as important a factor in our lives for everyday living as good sleep, good nutrition and the ability to earn money is. Hope is what gets us out of bed in the morning for hope of a better tomorrow. It’s what can help someone put addictive tendencies to bed, what can help bond two people when tying together for marriage, what any expectant mother uses to help craft the best for their children.

Hope is never lost. It can be easy to look at the current headlines or to read the most toxic online comments and arguments and believe that everything is negative, and that nothing will recover. But that’s not true. After all, the universe is not Evil or Good, but Ambivalent with a capital A. This means that there is always room for hope, and no matter what situation you find yourself it, it can be used to help you wish for better times.

Additionally, hope can also ensure you live your most favored values out and enjoy a better sense of who you are. But don’t just take our immediate word for it. Let us explore this in further detail together. It might just be this is the article you needed:

You Can Always Pick Yourself Back Up

Fall down seven times, get up eight. This is a cliche, but one that is powerful. Too often people dismiss cliches as if they have no value, but there’s a reason why they stick around, and why they spread so far and wide. It’s important to know that yes, you can always pick yourself back up, no matter what anyone tells you, and no matter how hard you’ve fallen. When you know this you know that hope only leaves when you give up completely, and will never be gone if you keep trying, putting one foot after the other.

For example, addiction centres and rehabs know that you are likely to relapse, and will put measures in place to help you fight against that. Relapse is sometimes even a part of recovery. Someone trying to lose weight will rarely have zero cheat days. They will slip up. What’s important is forgiving yourself for this, and picking yourself back up.

This is a specific example with how it relates to addiction, but this sentiment can also be applied to many different things in life. Getting up and being your best self often means overcoming the issues that you’ve experienced not by running away from them, but by getting up in spite of them.

Love Is All That Matters

You can have everything taken away from you in this world. But what will never fade is the love and compassion you have for others. This is why those who are getting quite old and sometimes even immobile due to health concerns still have a thoroughly rich inner life should they stay young at heart and appreciative. Love is all that matters, no matter if you’re entering the very best proton therapy centers for cancer treatment and are slightly nervous, or if you’re taking care of someone who relies on you for much of their daily healthy living. With love, you can power through anything. It is perhaps one of the most distilled forms of hope.

Stranger Things Have Happened

We, as people, can be pretty skilled at determining a sure outcome. Or at least, we think we are. We often forget that nothing is ever set in stone, and being hopeful is often the catalyst to something surprising you. How many times have you thought you flunked a test only to come back with a passing grade? It might have been unlikely for you to think that your current romantic partner even had eyes for you for one minute, low and behold you were proven wrong.

It can seem cold comfort to suggest ‘you never know,’ but really, you never do actually know anything for certain when it comes to predicting the future. This means that hoping and aiming for the best outcome, no matter how hopeless you may have otherwise been, can help you make the most of something or at least go into things with the right attitude. As that happens, you will keep true hope close to your heart.

You Can Learn & Grow

We often forget that our current state is not always our continual, never-ending state. What this means is that what seems terrible now may not be so terrible once we have had time to learn and grow. Think of how daunted any medical student feels when embarking on their course for the first time, or how impenetrable learning to code can seem at first.

But you can learn, and grow, and what might trouble you know can seem like child’s play in a year. Learning and growing is part of life, and is always required. In fact, your ability to read this post, to interact with your mouse and keyboard or mobile device, all of this had to be learned at some point. You’re doing well so far. So never doubt how different both the future and your own personality can be in a relatively short space of time. This should give anyone hope for the future.

Never Before Have Things Been So Compassionate & Caring

It can truly seem as though online toxicity reigns supreme, and that no one cares about anyone else. The reality is that while medical and mental health services are stressed, never before has there been a better time to help have your issues seen to comfortably and confidently.

For example, if needing to settle PTSD or trauma symptoms, contacting a charity in referral from your GP can be easier than ever. As is finding a community and support group like Life Savers Foundation that aims to offer free health care to children and families who are underserved medically. As is finding publicly available information that helps you feel much less alone than you might have been otherwise. It’s these measures that can often make the most difference, and while they do not completely override the difficulty you must be facing, they can go a long way to settling the worst of your symptoms. Additionally, the conversation surrounding mental health has become much more open and caring, and many understand how this is just as essential as maintaining your physical health. That stands for something, and it shows the hope for the future as people connect and grow and learn from one another.

You Still Can Be A Force For Good

Again, seeing the news or many other online commentators discuss what’s going on in the world can be a little nerve-wracking to say the least. We may get the impression that some around us are harmful or in difficulty, and that we’re in continual danger. Of course, this is not true, because people are, for the most part, more harmonious with one another than you could ever realize.

That being said, you can still have the power to become a force for good. A simple act of kindness such as helping your elderly neighbor with his groceries, a kind word in a corridor, or simply being there for a friend can help you become that source of hope for someone else. If you act in this way, you will be much more able to see the good in others. As rare as this can seem, you would be surprised just how good people are to one another each day where it counts, in the small interactions that make up our waking life. Once you realize this, you have little choice but to hope.

It’s Never Too Late

It can be disheartening to hear someone state that they are too old to experience something new. Not only do we feel saddened that they feel that way, but we’re also certain that this is far from the truth. It’s actually never too late. It’s never too late to make a friend, to try a new hobby, to read something new, to travel, to write, to get in a great discussion, to play a fun game, or to feel like your younger self. 

It’s never too late to smile, to be grateful, to be humble, to appreciate what is good about your life. It’s also never too late to read a great book, to have a rich inner world, to fix your relationships with your family, or to find a new passion that completely takes over your mind for the better.

Age is really just a number. There are thirty-year-olds with the attitudes of an eighty-year-old, and eighty-year-olds with the attitude of a thirty-year-old. What matters, no matter what your body tells you, is how young you are at heart. But that means ensuring you learn one thorough lesson, that it’s never too late to do most worthwhile things. Keep that to heart and you’ll believe it, and this itself is a form of hope.

With this post, we hope we’ve given you one more reason to hope, or even a seed that could grow into this belief. If so, we’ve done our job well.