As we move ever closer to a world where technology is something we accept, it’s about time moms stopped purveying it with such distrust. Your kids are enjoying all the wonders of social media, constant connectivity, and the cloud (among a plethora of other techy goodness), so why shouldn’t you? 

While it’s understandable to feel cautious about technology, knowing how it can make your life easier might change your mind. Technology is more than wasting hours on Facebook or whatever Black Mirror predicts will happen. Instead, it’s there to help you more than you ever thought. 

While They’re Out

You don’t want to be a helicopter parent, and you want to give your child some freedom, but a mom knows when her kid is trying to pull the wool over her eyes. Smartphone tracking apps can help ease some of the worries about where your kid is, but only if it’s something they agree to. 

You’ll not be able to build trust with your kid if you go behind their back (and vice versa), so having a mature conversation about expectations should make them more open to the idea. 

Sight and Sound

Telling your kids you can see and hear everything they do is a lie that moms have used for generations, but with new technologies designed to help you keep an eye on them, the lie becomes a truth. 

In-house cameras you can monitor remotely give you a little peace of mind if you and your partner are away for the weekend. Likewise, those who suffer from hearing issues can learn more and revel in the advancements of hearing aids, so you’ll hear every move they make when sneaking into the kitchen for a late-night snack well after bedtime. 

Party Planning

Even though the kids have long-abandoned Facebook for Snapchat and Instagram, it still serves as a useful tool for organizing events. You and your mom group can use it to discuss parenting problems you encounter, query when the bake sale starts, and also arrange parties and send out invitations. 

Event pages allow you to make polls for which day works best for who, ask about any themes, and get a decent idea of who’s coming. It beats needing to ring around or accost every parent in the schoolyard, which is what your parents needed to do whenever you had a birthday. 

Fully Stocked

One of the big problems of being a busy parent is the perpetual lack of food in the refrigerator even though you swear you just did groceries yesterday. You never find time to head to the store, but with online grocery orders and smart refrigerators that tell you when stock is running low means you’ll never need to get creative with what you have in the fridge again. 


While you’re not about to replace your regular arms for bionic ones just yet, embracing the positives of technology instead of keeping your distance can improve your life and your family’s life more than you thought possible. Plus, the more you know, the less you’ll need to ask your children about, which saves the frustrated groans echoing off every wall in the house.