As a mum, you’ll be traveling with kids a lot. As such, you’ll need to get the best family-friendly hotels around. 

Depending on your itinerary, you may end spending more time than you imagine. Despite this, you want the experience to be fantastic.

The only way this happens is if you get a competent kid-friendly facility like  But the question is, how do you know whether a hotel is kid-friendly or not?

Jackson Gore Inn Ludlow Vermont pool

Presence of Friendly Hotel Basics 

At the very least, your ideal kid-friendly hotel should have some basic amenities for your kids. Such include kid’s furniture, in-room refrigerators, and kid’s menu in their restaurant.

Ensure you can get a room for your family. It should have all the amenities that the family needs. You don’t want to open the facility only to get one king-size bed. 

However, if you have an active child, ensure the room is safe for them. As such, you don’t want to see dunk beds or balconies. 

If your kids aren’t ready to take a shower, then a bathtub would be appropriate. The presence of these basics can make your experience worthwhile. 

Kid-Friendly Themes

Does your ideal hotel have a kid-friendly theme? If present, your kids will love their stay in the facility. 

But you must be careful not to compromise on your comfort also. Yes, you want a kid-friendly hotel, but this doesn’t mean that it’ll be adult-friendly.

But how do you know whether a hotel can offer these services? It’s simple by checking online reviews from their past clients. Use the ratings to determine whether the facility fits your bill or not. 

Kid-Friendly Locations

 Location plays a vital role in selecting a kid-friendly hotel. When on a family vacation, you’ll want to do more than hanging in your hotel room. So, what do you intend to do in the area? 

The success of these activities is dependent on your hotel’s location. You don’t want to spend hours driving around. For instance, if you intend to visit a theme park, then opt for a hotel within a shuttle distance. Doing so will not only save you on time but also on the money.

Deals on Leading Kid-Friendly Facilities

Do you want to take your school going children on a trip? In most cases, the rates are likely to increase on holidays and school vacations. 

The increase in cost doesn’t mean that you can’t visit your ideal hotel. The alternative is to make advance bookings. Doing so increases the chances of getting a perfect deal on your vacation. But before then, ensure you’re aware of their refund policy. Doing this protects you from unforeseen challenges like weather changes. 

Do your research on pricing and costs. If possible, include this on your vacation budget. It’ll help guard against overspending. 


Are you traveling for a vacation with your kids? If so, you’ll be likely to dedicate a lot of time and resources to plan a perfect vacation. In all these plans, don’t forget a kid-friendly environment.