Health reports say that only 20% of people get enough magnesium in their diet. Your doctor may heavily stress diet changes, but those minerals can’t be replenished all at once.

Fortunately, you can also benefit from the right amount of topical magnesium.

In fact, many people who use a magnesium lotion report quick relief from daily ailments. You can also make homemade natural magnesium oil.

Read on to discover some of the most notable benefits of using topical magnesium!

  1. Stress Relief

Stress is a day-to-day battle without the right treatment options. Stress can come from dreading a big meeting, waiting to board a long flight, or getting the kids to school.

You may notice stress-induced acne, wrinkles, weight gain, you name it. The effects of stress tend to—well, cause more stress.

Treating stress proactively is easier with the benefits of magnesium. Your kidneys already use some magnesium to balance the effects of stress, such as the release of cortisol. Applying additional magnesium daily addresses the buildup of cortisol in your body.

  1. Topical Magnesium Helps You Sleep

A great way to improve sleep is by taking a bath with magnesium bath salts. When dealing with insomnia, you want to address the possible magnesium deficiency with dietary magnesium as well.

Magnesium supports normal levels of the neurotransmitter that leads to sleep. Try taking your bath at a regular time in the evening so your body knows when to wind down.

Also consider a supplement like Mary Ruth’s Nighttime Multimineral, which helps promote a better night’s sleep while delivering nutrients.

  1. Reduces Chronic Pain

Even those with chronic pain conditions like pancreatic cancer can benefit from magnesium. Using topical magnesium addresses the pain at the nerve site, helping with lower back pain in general.

The nervous system uses magnesium to return nerve stimulation to normal. This leads to less damage to the nervous system over time.

  1. Speeds Healing Process

Topical magnesium is an antibacterial and is great for detoxing and healing processes. Athletes tend to have pain after long workouts or high-impact activity. Ease soreness and muscle spasms by using a magnesium lotion on your arms or legs.

Your body does the bulk of healing and restoration while you sleep, so try applying the magnesium before bed for best results. 

  1. Treats Skin Damage

Magnesium allows enzymes to maintain and replicate DNA and RNA. As an anti-inflammatory, this mineral works against free radicals absorbed via sun exposure, alcohol consumption, etc. 

Shea butter or natural oils contain lipids that help your skin make the most of this mineral. Apply the magnesium cream to a greater surface area for ultimate absorption.

  1. Improves Mood

Fighting depression and sadness isn’t always simple, but increasing magnesium levels is. You can spray or apply a cream in the evenings for the lasting soothing health benefits of magnesium.

  1. Supports Bone and Muscle Health

One of magnesium’s most miraculous benefits is increasing strength in your muscles and bones. 

Your muscles and bones grow more fragile over time, especially if your diet lacks vitamins and minerals. Those with fibromyalgia often lack magnesium, which is housed in bone or muscle cells.

The Bottom Line

Topical magnesium’s benefits range from cosmetic to therapeutic, transforming your health from the outside in. Getting your daily dose of magnesium is a great step towards physical rejuvenation!

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