Staying connected to your clients and customers is important when you run a small business. If your website goes offline or if your phone line goes down, operating the company can be challenging. 

Virtual voicemail, along with virtual phone systems, has become an essential tool for businesses that want to keep professionally connected to their customers. 

These voicemail messages you receive are stored online, easily accessible from your email, phone, or other internet-connected devices. 

How does voicemail to email work?

As soon as your voicemail gets connected to the voicemail to email service, you will be immediately asked to designate an email where notifications will be sent. Depending on who will view the notifications, you can use a public business email or a private email address.

Private emails are usually designated for personal viewing, while the former is intended for business functions like customer service management

The moment your accounts are linked, all future voicemails will get routed to the specified email address you entered in your service account. You can open emails and click on the voicemail messages there. You can also send these to a colleague or save them for future reference.

What are the benefits of having a virtual voicemail?

There are numerous benefits a business can take advantage of when they subscribe to an online voicemail service. 

Better Response Time 

One of the most prominent advantages of an online voicemail is providing business owners with opportunities to spot received voicemail messages easily. Since most businesses rely on email to get in touch with their clients, receiving online voicemails in the same communication stream can make voicemail message management easier. 

Since you receive these voicemail messages faster, you also get to listen to them and provide timely response to the sender. Customers judge a business based on how soon the business gets back to their call for help and the quality of feedback they receive. 

A study conducted by Salesforce revealed that 50% of customers switch brands if they perceive that a company doesn’t take care of their needs, with 52% of the same pool switch because they don’t receive a customized reply from the company. 

A more straightforward means of seeing voicemail messages can ensure that your business is responsive and quick to meet customer concerns. This can only be great for your brand image.  

No Need to Constantly Check Your Emails  

While checking emails may seem like standard business practice, it doesn’t mean that it’s efficient and productive. Instead of wasting your time checking your email box, you can use virtual voicemail to notify you only when you receive voicemail messages. 

As soon as a voicemail arrives, you will immediately receive an email notification, just like when you receive an email. This notification informs you if something needs your immediate attention. 

With online voicemail, you won’t have to check your inbox the entire day. You can arrange your messages in a single system that supports voicemail transfer. Aside from being organized and streamlined, this can help you stay on top of critical customer needs. 

Provide Opportunities for CS Cooperation 

When your virtual voicemail system is implemented correctly, it’s easier for multiple individuals to process messages that go into the same inbox. 

Team members can remove, file away, or answer voicemails simultaneously. With this system, you can also allow different team members to handle messages even if the business is hectic. 

Where can you go to if you want to subscribe to a voice to email service?

If you’re ready to subscribe to a voice to email service, get in touch with Talkroute. They have been helping thousands of entrepreneurs streamline their operations with virtual landlines, toll-free numbers, business forwarding, online voicemail, and similar services. 

You can reach them through their social media channels like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Aside from that, you can also visit their website and get answers through their 24/7 Customer Support System.